Here’s What You Need To Know About the New Power Rangers Movie

It’s opening weekend for the new Power Rangers movie and fans of the 90’s TV series might find themselves viewing a different kind of superhero action film than they were expecting. Angsty teens take over for the genuinely good teens of Angel Grove, and Power Rangers follows in the footsteps of other new superhero films by taking viewers to a darker place than its predecessor. However, the movie still offers some of the coolest pieces of the Power Rangers franchise.


Despite many of the weapons being left out to dry (at least in this first film), the Red Ranger’s Power Sword is alive and well…and, reimagined. It has a sleek new design and seems to mimic the style of the energy sword from Halo. Similar to the Power Sword, the Power Rangers’ suits get a modern revamp and are more like an extension of the superhero’s energy and power, rather than a magically appearing spandex suit. The technology that keeps the Rangers safe against the blasts of their foes is unlike any other.


The original TV series imagined cutting edge technology like holograms to allow the Rangers to talk to their all-knowing leader Zordon, but the new movie does this a little differently. This time, the hologram looks more like the classic pin art toy from childhood. Zordon’s face appears to move back and forth between pins as he is still bound to a cosmic spacecraft. The beloved Alpha 5 robot is in full force too. He’s quirky and almost human-like, lending to the series’ sense of magical appeal.
The computer generated imagery (CGI) will get action movie and tech lovers excited at the introduction of Rita Repulsa and her army of villains, the weaponized vehicles, Zords, and “some strong-ass holograms.” And, while the movie just might be cinema gold for introducing new fans to the franchise, and tackling some of the issues that Millennial parents might have had as teenagers, there is one major aspect of the movie that parents can use as a teaching lesson. It seems as though cyberbullying just might plague the Rangers and be an awesome moment for parents and kids alike.


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