So you have a ChoreMonster account, now what?

Make chores fun for kids.

With a recent influx of new users, we thought it would be a good idea to a quick rundown showing how you should be integrating ChoreMonster into your households. If you are new, or just need a refresher, here is a list to help get you going.

Show your kids ChoreMonster (obviously). We think it’s easier to keep them hooked if they’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but the website is good too.

Log in as a parent and add daily or weekly chores for your kids to do. These can range from “Make Your Bed” to “Cut The Grass”, it all depends on how your house functions.

Show them how to do the chores that you’ve added. If you need help, use our companion app ChorePicker, which not only helps pick age-appropriate chores for your child, but also provides instructions for completing them.

Set up a handful of rewards to get your kids excited. We recommend adding at least one experience (like a trip to the toy store or a movie night), some “stuff” that’s easily attainable (A gift card or a Lego set), and some extra privileges (like an hour of Xbox or going out for ice cream). We also frequently recommend rewards here on the ChoreMonster blog.

Be consistent! It’s tough to integrate any new program into a household and even something as easy and fun as ChoreMonster can become an afterthought if the parents aren’t keeping everyone on task. As parents, we can get lazy sometimes, so set a good example and you’ll reap the rewards.

Good luck and if you need any help using ChoreMonster, you can contact us here.


3 thoughts on “So you have a ChoreMonster account, now what?”

  1. Any possibility of adding in longer time frames, or perhaps customizable time frames? I want to use the app to keep track of chores and tasks for myself and my wife to do and many of these would be every several months or annual, etc. Also, I assume to do this, I must add us as “child” accounts to the system.

    Just getting started on using this at this point so let me know if I am missing this somewhere…


  2. If the thought is less keeping track of and more being reminded of, there’s a great app callen HomeRoutines wich does just that.

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