Get Grandparents Online For Face-To-Face Quality Time This Christmas

Spending time with grandparents can be hard, especially when there are too many miles in between. With today’s increased reliance on technology, many people fear we may be losing the in-person interactions needed to understand one another. And, although the two generations have a lot of difference in understanding and using technology, it truly connects the generations like never before, especially during the holidays.

Tech Offers a Chance to Bond Like Never Before

In a time when kids of all ages are so embraced in the world of technology, face-to-face communication can be difficult to come by. Technology offers grandparents a chance to bond and learn from their grandchildren.

Teens can show their grandparents their favorite apps and games and teach them how to use specific devices. This also gives Grandma and Grandpa the opportunity to ask questions, have a private conversation, and learn something that may not have peaked their interest before.

Grandparents who are open to download apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram onto their phones will get a look into their grandkids’ lives like never before. Then, when the time comes for that (screen) face-to-face call, there’s even more to talk about!

Talk Face-to-Face With Skype

Teenagers, especially, rely on their phones and tablets for communication between friends and family. Android and iPhone devices are pretty evenly split between older generations, so connecting with Grandpa on FaceTime might be an option, but may also not be technologically possible.

Skype is a great go-to tool when in need of a quick video chat. Using Skype can bring families together for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, and weddings. For grandparents who live far away, simply call them on Skype and set up the computer or tablet so they can be involved in whatever the family is doing. Life is too short to miss out on singing happy birthday or witnessing the exchanging of vows.

Or, Try The grandPad

Made specifically for seniors, The grandPad is a custom designed tablet that lets grandparents make video calls, share photos, send e-mails, and even play games without the barriers of using the internet.

This uniquely designed tablet comes with a larger holding area on both sides of the tablet, high-quality speakers making it easier to communicate on calls, increased brightness and pixels for better viewing, and a wireless charging dock. The grandPad lets grandparents connect with the whole family on a private network for monthly or annual memberships.


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