Gamer’s Outreach Helps Hospitalized Kids Cope With Treatment

Hospitalization is a lonely experience for everyone, but it’s especially difficult for children. Many things can help during this time, but one that you might not have expected is making a big difference.

Gamer’s Outreach is a charity that began as group of high school students who enjoyed hosting video game tournaments. In 2009, the group worked with Mott Children’s Hospital in their hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan to provide accessible activities for kids during long-term stays.

After spending six months volunteering at Mott, they built the first “GO Kart” (Gamers Outreach Kart) – a portable, medical-grade gaming kiosk nurses could use to transport video games and entertainment to children who were unable to leave their rooms at the hospital. The carts made a dramatic difference for many of the kids and today Project GO Kart serves thousands of children per year in hospitals around the country.

The most recent effort was a collaboration between Gamer’s Outreach and Bluehole Inc. where they raised more than $123,000 during a charity invitational for the game BATTLEGROUNDS. Bluehole matched donations up to $100,000.

We are big fans of the charity, and of BATTLEGROUNDS as well, a great game that has sold more than three million copies since its Early Access release and repeatedly hits the number one most watched game on Twitch.

Take a few minutes today to check out Gamer’s Outreach and BATTLEGROUNDS.

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Joe Long