February Chore Ideas

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It’s still winter for most of our users, and there is still a need to keep things clean and organized around the house. But, as we’ve mentioned in the past, it can be tough to come up with new and interesting tasks for your kids sometimes. As we do every month, here are a few suggestions for chores that might need to be done around your house.

Organize the Tupperware cabinet – If your family is like mine, you have lots of Tupperware plastic bowls lying around. They are great for leftovers, or to take something with you on-the-go. But with different shapes and sizes, they get unorganized really quickly. Add this chore to your kid’s list and get ready for some much needed organization.

Switch up the regular chore – Do your kids have a regular daily chore that doesn’t have to do with their own room or things? Maybe set the table, take out the trash, or load the dishwasher? Well, it can be really easy to forget to mix things up and give them a new assignment from time to time. So let them swap out from week to week to keep things interesting.

Rearrange room – This chore will require the help of an adult, but you’d be shocked how much you can get done just by moving the bed to the other side of the room. Of course a lot more ends up being done, so reserve this for a Saturday afternoon or another time when you can really focus on a big task. And keep your kids motivated with the promise of ChoreMonster points.

Vaccum the furniture – You never know what you’ll end up with if you take the time to open up and vaccum the couch cushions. Not great for the younger kids, but not impossible either. They may even find enough spare change or long lost toys to do this one without the promise of a reward.


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