FamilyTech Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, don’t wait another second before snatching up something that she’s sure to humblebrag about to her friends. We’ve included simple gifts that younger kids can help with and other’s that can be gifts from the whole family. Check out some of the hottest items out there for moms this Mother’s Day.

Kitchen Dock

Whether Mom loves to whip up the latest recipe from Pinterest in the kitchen, or it just seems like a great place to drop a tablet or phone, this dock from SawdustAngel is the perfect personalized addition to her kitchen or entryway. It comes in multiple stains to match anyone’s decor preference and includes a name and initial. She’ll have no excuse for not being able to find her phone with this gift.

Poppy Barley

Once Mom is able to get out of that heavy, crowded diaper bag, it’s time she has something that she can show off, but is still functional. Poppy Barley has the perfect commuter backpack. It’s designed to be the best secret weapon Superwoman ever had.

Their backpack comes in three different colors, is made with real leather, converts to a briefcase, and has a zippered interior pocket for the Mom who does it all: gym, work, lunch, and perhaps a pull-up or two.

Polaroid Snap

Moms typically take all the pictures. There are a lot of articles out there that address the need for Dad to take the photo, but even if he does, there’s no denying that Moms love to capture life happening around them. The Polaroid Snap is the latest mix between old school and modern technology, and we guarantee she’ll love to open up one of these.
The design is reminiscent of the classic Polaroids, and in just under one minute, a 2×3” photo will print directly from the Snap. Don’t worry, those memories won’t be lost. It’s also a digital camera that saves images for later posting to Instagram and sharing with faraway family.

Mama Birthstone Necklace

Save the diamonds and expensive jewelry for Dad’s wallet. This simple, printed, hand-cut Mama pendant from Lise’s Pieces comes in multiple colors and includes up to six birthstones comfortably. Grab one birthstone for each of the kids in her life and Mom is sure to love this hand-crafted piece made just for her.

What’s even better, everything from Lise’s Pieces is made by a mama who creates jewelry inspired by her travels around the world. Mom won’t be getting just another department store necklace with this!


Fitness trackers have been all the rave for a few years but until now they have been clunky and didn’t work with clothing that wasn’t athleisure to some degree. Bellabeat is changing the tracking game with the Leaf. There are two styles to choose from and it can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or clip. Its modern style can be worn to work to look professional, or even with some semi-formal wear. Better yet, it dresses up the typical athleisure outfit.

The Leaf syncs with an app that tracks Mom’s sleep, activity, stress, meditation, and her cycle. So, this one is specifically designed for women looking to know their bodies better, but still look good doing it. Give Mom a chance to make herself a priority and focus on her own strengths, capabilities, and beauty.

Book of the Month

If you haven’t heard of Book of the Month, don’t worry (it’s actually been around since 1926). You can get Mom in on all the action right now for as low as $11.99 per month. Each month a book of her choice will be delivered straight to her doorstep, with its very own custom bookmark, and the occasional extra! They’ve even compiled their list of the best books for Mom so you can go ahead and surprise her with a book and a subscription. If this is perfect for your Mom, go ahead, sign up, and choose her a book to ship right away so it’s here on Mother’s Day.

What’s even better, Book of the Month is making it easier than ever to share the gift of literary goodness. Anyone who gives a Book of the Month subscription will be given one month free for themselves!

No Sew Felt Flowers

Some Moms are all about the handmade, heartfelt gift. These no-sew felt flowers are perfect gifts from younger kids who don’t have money of their own, or for the mom who just wants something simple.

Take kids out back to gather up a few twigs from the yard, grab some felt in vibrant colors, and a bit of hot glue. Mommy Moment takes you step-by-step through making the felt flowers and even how to create your own glitter vase to display them.


Hey, kids! Do your mom a favor and download ChoreMonster or Landra with the promise of completing every chore, on time, without a fuss.

Hey, partner! Do the lady in your life a favor and download HoneyDo with the promise of working together to finish all those household chores.

Don’t Forget the Card

Start with a good card. Really. Moms love a good card that hits their personality nail right on the head. We suggest you go for something funny, like one of these, that just might give her a good ab workout too!

The FamilyTech suite of apps are designed to bring sanity to family and connect parents, kids, and couples in a way like never before. Download Mothershp, ChoreMonster, Landra, or HoneyDo to start seeing a happier family today!


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