FamilyTech is a Proud Partner of Circle with Disney

Families currently using the Mothershp, ChoreMonster or Landra apps now have a cool new way to link chores and screen time. We are teaming up with Circle Media, Inc.’s flagship product, Circle. Just as FamilyTech’s goal is to help make every home a joyful place, and create options for parents and families to manage their household more conveniently, Circle is designed to help families manage content and time across all devices.


Similarly to the focus of FamilyTech’s suite of apps, the Circle ecosystem centralizes all of the things that families care about most. Together, we’re helping to digitally link chore completion with specific rewards offered through Circle’s management system. Because of Circle, the Mothershp app will offer kids the rewards of one hour of extra screen time and one hour later bedtime.


The new platform, Circle Connections, allows Circle users to connect other partner apps, devices, and services to offer rewards, automate features, and much more. These other pieces of Circle help leverage some of the biggest drivers of family life: screens, physical activity, teen driving, and social media. With future partners such as Amazon Alexa, Misfit, Automatic, and RAKKOON, Circle will enable a much more connected family.


These partnerships offer parents an entirely new way to connect all of their technology and know what is going on in their child’s life. Automation makes giving rewards for good behavior a real-life option and takes connected families to a whole new level.

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