FamilyTech Introduces HoneyDo

In our attempt to make every home a joyful place, we thought it was time to do something specifically for the adults in the household. But, this one isn’t just about parents. Sure, parents fit into the category, but this time we are aiming our efforts at couples as a whole.


FamilyTech would like to introduce HoneyDo, an app specifically for those in a relationship looking to communicate in a different, more exciting way. Create harmony with your significant other.

For those familiar with ChoreMonster, Landra, and Mothershp, HoneyDo works similarly in the sense that tasks can be created and assigned, point values given, and rewards set. The great part about HoneyDo is that partners can assign tasks to themselves, the other person, or leave an item “up for grabs.” HoneyDo makes relationships better – think less tedium, more fun – by getting tasks done, driving more communication in the relationship, and opening doors for fun rewards.


The rewards engine on HoneyDo is similar to other FamilyTech apps, offering recommendations that fit what couples want but leaving it open to create custom rewards unique to each relationship. Rewards can be categorized under Me Time, Us Time, or Fun Time! Letting couples choose the things that make completing hum-drum tasks exciting for them.


To get setup, follow these steps:

  • If you and your partner are already Mothershp users, go ahead and login to HoneyDo with the same login information.
  • If you’re a new user, register with your Facebook account information or email address.
  • Updating account information is as easy as heading into the Menu option and following the prompts.


Here’s how to get started:

  • In the To Do tab, add new task’s to be complete Today or Later.
  • Choose from preloaded items or create a custom task.
  • Set a point value and then choose who is doing the task.
  • Save the task and start adding rewards.


Go ahead and add rewards:

  • From the Rewards tab, click on Add a new reward.
  • Decide whether that reward is for you (Me Time), both of you (Us Time), or really for both of you (Fun Time).
  • Create your custom reward or choose from one of the suggested rewards.
  • Decide how many points will need to be earned to cash in the reward, or then determine who gets the reward.
  • Save the reward and start getting things done!


Now that you know how to make it all work, go ahead and download HoneyDo! The sooner you start getting things done, the sooner you can cash in those points for all the Fun Time we were talking about!


FamilyTech Guest