FamilyTech Apps Can Help Kids With Autism

Sure, there are plenty of things that parents of Autistic children need to adjust and think through to make everyday life as normal as possible, but not everything those kids interact with needs to be specifically designed for their place on the spectrum. Truth be told, FamilyTech did not initially create apps with the intent to help foster certain lacking skills for children and teens with Autism. It was only after parents started to reach out to FamilyTech that we realized we had created something very special. It’s not a new idea that gamification can help encourage children to learn – and engage in the learning process. Autistic children and teens enjoy using FamilyTech apps because they make dull, everyday tasks fun, and visually engaging.

Still not convinced?

Amanda Wilmer, mom, and FamilyTech user had this to say about FamilyTech apps

My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was three years old, he is now 13. Being able to keep him on a schedule and in a routine is helpful for him to be successful with daily tasks. We started off with the ChoreMonster app and have since upgraded to Landra. These apps help him stick to his routine by coming home, finishing up his homework, then completing his chore for the day. He is able to look at his phone or iPad to see what his daily chore is all on his own without prompting. He loves setting his own rewards and it keeps him more motivated to earn points and redeem them because he knows it’s something he wants and is willing to work hard for!

While ChoreMonster and Landra can help all children and teens develop social, functional, organizational, and math skills, kids who fall somewhere on the Autism or Asperger’s spectrum sometimes struggle in these areas. FamilyTech apps promote and encourage these skills by allowing children and teens to communicate with their parents in a fun and friendly environment.

Parents on Mothershp and teens on Landra can create their own chores and rewards, and set point values in the app. Once the chores and rewards are created, it is up to the child to complete these chores and earn enough points to cash them in for rewards. This gives children and teens the functional, organizational, and mathematical skills to decide which task to complete and how many points they need to turn it in for real-life rewards. That sort of control over their environment is something Autistic kids crave.

April is Autism Awareness Month, and FamilyTech wants to recognize all of the awesome kids out there navigating their place on the spectrum and finding ways to simplify their daily life. We’re happy to be part of the daily lives of some. Currently, one in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism, so, if a child does not have Autism themselves, they are likely to know someone who does. This makes it even more important for kids to learn simple social skills that will help them engage with others.

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