Family and Technology: Altering the Dialogue

No matter where you look, what sorts of publications you read, you won’t have any trouble coming across an article that warns about the dangers of technology. Whether it’s the safety of your personal information, business secrets, or the simple fact that everyone overshares to some degree, experts and others are going to great lengths to prove just how damaging a life full of technology can be.

It’s been the vision of FamilyTech to alter that dialogue and sway the masses into understanding and ultimately accepting the inevitability of technology, its capabilities, and its amazing powers. Not in any way alluding to magical kinds of powers – although there are surely times that our society’s advances purely amaze us – but in its ability to connect, enlighten, teach, and persuade.

Kids gravitate towards the vibrant colors, the perfect mix of sounds, and the chance to control the screen in front of them. It’s a great tool to help them explore and that exploration is something we want to encourage.

Allowing our own kids to discover through technology has helped to breath new life into everyday play. They reenact scenes from their favorite shows, using language that astounds us as parents and makes us scratch our heads wondering when and where they could have picked that up. Our furniture, home decor, and objects that seem to have one simple use are given new life as our kids run, jump, and imagine they’re soaring off into outer space, scaling the Great Wall, and defeating a toy that has come to life and threatened to attack the world as we know it.

Sure, imaginations have always run wild. But, in a moment of honesty, us parents are having trouble turning off even though we tend to preach to the idea that there is an immense need to unplug. It’s not entirely realistic to say that everything a child learns before they reach preschool or kindergarten is due to parental teachings. It comes from their surroundings, and if technology allows their world’s to be opened up in ways that we cannot provide for them, then we say let it.

Technology opens doors and windows of opportunity. Education, play, connection, and leisure all benefit and we can guarantee there isn’t a family out there who would disagree that technology has been a lifesaver in one way or another. The degree to which tech is used in each household is different and it always will be. But, make a place at your table for something that could provide endless hours of family time.

We use it to accomplish menial tasks like picking up playrooms and getting the laundry put away, awarding our kids points through ChoreMonster and Landra, then using those points to do things like family movie night and taking our kids to their favorite restaurants because they’ve earned it through hard work. Our careers are centered around technology and its ability to help others in their everyday lives.

We use it with our kids as we play together, driving remote control cars around the house and in the street, and then we grab a tablet to connect with grandparents far away so they can join in on our fun. We use it to track our daily steps to make sure we’re meeting the recommended 10,000 steps per day. We also know that, with kids, we’ll exceed that number. Our mornings start with a digital coffee pot that gives us even two minutes extra to love on our kids first thing in the morning. Our lives are full of technology, big and small, and we truly believe that it needs to be said: We love technology and it is good.

Photo credit: courosa via / CC BY-NC-SA


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