Using todays tools to enhance your parenting

This weekend my family and I went downtown to enjoy the wonderful weather on the banks of the Ohio River. As we walked along the river we came upon a pay phone. My middle child asked me what it was for — he knew it was a phone, but why would there be one in the middle of nowhere? After my initial indignation (and just feeling old) I tried to explain how many years ago cellphones didn’t exist. It’s hard for me to even remember a time when I didn’t have a cellphone in my pocket: at first for emergencies or texting and eventually to play music, guide me through a foreign city or slingshot disgruntled birds at arrogant pigs.  Something so novel and rare is now a tool we take for granted.

Our tools are an extension of ourselves. Technology is as integrated into our life as our clothing, the music we listen to, the books we read, or the friends we have; and isn’t merely about consuming or producing content, but about improving our lives — how we interact, engage and learn. Our mission at ChoreMonster is to improve the lives of parents and children with these tools.

When it comes to chores, most parents are content to use labor intensive physical objects and products to track and monitor their kids progress. Complicated charts and graphs with reward systems that feel like rocket science. The solutions are often more about what we parents understand than what our children understand. While the reward might be enticing, the arduous task of getting our child to do a chore becomes a war. We get tired of nagging and fighting while our child is exasperated and worn out; and managing a chore becomes more of a chore than the act itself! Yet we have the tools to make our lives — and our parenting  — easier all around us.

Children and technology are linked, a reality we can’t escape. Their medium of interaction starts with a screen and a keyboard, and in order to engage our children we must engage in their world. Our desire isn’t to make a parental chore management tool — while that is part of our strategy and goal, it isn’t the solution to the problem. Our goal is make a lifestyle enhancer. To create a digital extension for your parenting while engaging your child in a process that flows into their digital lifestyle.

The challenge for us at ChoreMonster is in making a two-pronged approach that communicates to parents and kids (on the web, and mobile devices very shortly); to create a unified brand experience for two diametrically opposed audiences. This challenge is as exciting as anything we’ve ever done. What unifies our brand is fun — through functionality, simplicity, engaging visuals and of course monsters —  delivered via the technology that already is the apart of our daily lives.

It’s time for your entire family to be engaged, supported and utilized in our current environments, and we hope to have the opportunity to positively impact you and your family with ChoreMonster.


10 thoughts on “Using todays tools to enhance your parenting”

  1. Choremonster works but the Carnibal feature is dissapointment for my kids. This is the thing that they look forward since they know they still earning points for rewards. I wish it was more fun like winning something “a big hug from Mom” or we can edit the prizes for small item, – just for the fun of it.

  2. Is there a way to set up duplicate chores and rewards for additional children without having to re-type everything over again?

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