Ease Your Worry With Technology to Monitor Your Teen Driver

The flowers have bloomed, temperatures have spiked, and the sun has finally come out of hibernation, which means summer is nearly here. While everyone anxiously awaits summer, teenagers, in particular, live for those precious two months of the year where there is no school, no snow, and limited parental supervision.

It’s natural for teenagers to crave independence, especially during the summer months when parents are at work during the day. Unfortunately, this freedom often leads parents to worry about their teen’s safety. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue with apps and gadgets that help ease parental concerns by compiling driver report cards, sending automatic location notifications, and alerting parents to any collisions that may occur.

Family Tracker

Family Tracker is an application that allows parents to track the location of teens via their smartphones. Two of the standout aspects of this application are the geofencing technology and the Stealth Ping. Geofencing sends real-time notifications when teens leave a preset geographic area, allowing parents to know immediately if their teen isn’t where they are supposed to be. In addition to geofencing, parents can utilize Stealth Ping which sends a location update from a smartphone without teen’s even knowing it’s been sent. Even more impressive is the fact that this application works worldwide so that parents can keep tabs on their teen while on vacation too.

OnStar Teen Driver

Onstar has always valued driver safety, and their Teen Driver system is no exception. The Teen Driver system allows parents to set up a PIN code and specific key for teen drivers. Under this code, certain safety features can be preset, like speed warnings and maximum speed limits. Parents can even choose to mute sound system volume until all passengers have fastened their seat belts. In addition to the features that keep teens safe while they’re physically on the road, a driving report card keeps parents informed of teen driving habits, so they know what to discuss with their teens once they’re back at home. It’s an impressive app that’s a no-brainer for parents who already own an OnStar-enabled vehicle.

Life 360

This app combines location and communication to ease anxiety when teens are on the road alone. Parents can instantly view on a map where everyone in their private circle is located and preset arrival alerts for common locations. The best features of Life360 are the driving analytics, crash detection, and emergency response system. Detailed reviews of driving patterns allow parents to see any phone use, rapid acceleration, hard braking, and top speeds. The application also automatically detects when an accident has occurred and calls the user involved. If immediate assistance is required emergency services are alerted and sent to the exact location of the accident while staying on the line with your teen. Once emergency services have been alerted, Life360 automatically notifies emergency contacts and circle members, so everyone knows what is going on. It’s the ultimate safety application for new drivers and worried parents alike.

Watching a teenager back out of the driveway for the first time (or every time) causes every parent to worry. Fortunately, safe driving apps can provide crucial driving analytics, location alerts, and peace of mind so parents can enjoy their summer vacation just as much as their teens.

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