Ease Children Into The School Year

As kids desperately cling to the last remnants of summer, parents are prepping in an effort to make this year’s transition back to school better than the last. Implementing new bedtimes, wake up calls, and easing back-to-school apprehension can be a daunting task, but, it is entirely possible with gradual scheduling changes and the right communication.

Try Implementing Gradual Bedtimes

Undeniably, the hardest part of getting a child back on track for the school year is establishing a sleep schedule. Summer is full of fun-filled nights and later bedtimes, so making the switch to an earlier one can be anything but easy.

Gradually changing your child’s sleep schedule in the weeks leading up to the school year can make the night before school less challenging. Consider starting with a 10-minute change that gets them closer and closer to their school bedtime as these last few weeks go on. Easing them into the new routine can make the transition easier for both of you!

Start to Get Up and At ‘Em

Once a bedtime schedule is in the works it’s time to create a morning routine that kids can do with or without Mom and Dad depending on their age. A simple routine could include getting dressed rather than staying in pajamas all day, coming to the kitchen to sit down and eat breakfast together, or making sure teeth are brushed every day.

Establishing this routine not only saves parents precious time, but also provides children with a sense of security as they’ll know what to expect on the first day.

Talk Through Apprehensions Around the New Year

Sometimes, back-to-school apprehension is about more than simply waking up earlier and making sure everything is together for class. Increasingly, kids are suffering from back-to-school anxiety, especially if they’re starting at a new school. Parents can help alleviate the fear of the unknown by visiting the new school prior to the first day and even introducing worried children to new teachers.

Allow kids to voice any concerns they might have about the upcoming school year and devise a plan to make the beginning of the year more enjoyable.

Although adjusting from the carefree weeks of summer to the structured school year can be challenging, preparing children ahead of time can make the transition a lot smoother. Go ahead, get a head start!

What are your go-to methods for acclimating your child to the new school year?

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