Draw A Choremonster contest winner!


Weeks ago we asked you to have your kids send in their drawings of ChoreMonsters and today we are ready to announce our winner. The winning monster was drawn by Silas Carpenter, Age 6. The winning monster goes by the name ‘Bob Star’ and today we are happy to introduce you to him.


“Hi! I’m Bob Star. If you have any problems with combing your hair or getting ready, I’m here. My electric guitar can turn into an electric hairbrush and then you can comb your hair all you want! And I’m also fat!”

Hobbies: Getting ready for the day, brushing teeth and combing hair.
Food: Donuts with nuts on top
Color: Leafy Green

Bob Star will be touched up a bit and added into the rotation with the other monsters!

Congratulations to Silas!


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