Create harmony with your significant other.

Even the best relationships can run into tension over the ever-present to-do list (and occasional wish list).

With HoneyDo, couples get what they really want while avoiding the tense conversations that can derail things.

The HoneyDo app takes the charge out of household chores and lets couples work together for the things that really matter.

If things like dishes, laundry, and yard work makes you and your significant other cringe, use HoneyDo to assign each task a point value, then use those points towards things like Me Time, Us Time, or Fun Time.


How does it work?

HoneyDo supports communication between partners to create a list of tasks to complete, and easily assigns ownership of those tasks.

Each task is given a point value which can be used towards rewards decided upon together or individually. Those rewards can be things like a nice dinner together, a spa day, a ballgame, or something a little more private.

The app helps couples work together to create harmony in the household and around everyday tasks.

HoneyDo is taking off!

“The HoneyDo app by ChoreMonster – I suspect this will get heavy usage in my household.” @codysimms

“Our family LOVES ChoreMonster, it has been a HUGE help with our 6-year-old daughter! I was excited to see the launch of HoneyDo. I got us registered and went to start to add items.” Cori