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Kids can earn extended time limits and later bed times by doing the chores they are already completing.

How do they work?

  • Parents sign into the Mothershp app and assign chores and rewards for their kids in ChoreMonster and teens in Landra.
  • Kids (ages 4-12) sign into ChoreMonster mobile or web app to start completing chores and earning points. They can review the rewards they can get and how many points they’ll need to earn to get them.
  • Teens sign into Landra via mobile to see the tasks they’ll need to complete to earn the points necessary for the rewards they want most.





But don’t just take our word for it.

(here’s what our users say about our kids app, ChoreMonster)

“ChoreMonster is helping my children work together and communicate with each other. One child will have part of a large job and another will have the other half. Best of all, my 5 year-old can use ChoreMonster!”