ChoreMonster Windows 8 App Now Available


One of the things we have heard from our users is that they want us to be available on more platforms. We are hard at work on that request, and the first fruits of our labor saw the light of day this week.

Introducing, ChoreMonster as a Windows 8 App!

So if you’re a Windows user, follow this link and grab the ChoreMonster app!


7 thoughts on “ChoreMonster Windows 8 App Now Available”

  1. Hey Mitch! The barrier of entry to build a native app in Windows8 is much much much lower than almost any other platform (essentially built on HTML5 and CSS). We are working on our Android app though, rest assured, it just takes much more time.

  2. Please, PLEASE hurry with the Android app!!! My two younger boys (11 and 7) got tablets for Christmas and I would LOVE for this to be on their devices!

  3. I found your service and app through the Windows 8 store highlights. It looks fantastic. I’m curious if there is any plan to bring it onto the windows phone platform?

  4. Yes, from what I’ve heard from the owner of ChoreMonster, they’re planning on putting out a Windows Phone 8 app. I’ve not gotten any timeline, but I hope it’s soon. Would love to utilize this service in my iPhone-less house 🙂

  5. I have windows 8.1. How about companion app for Choremonster called Chorepicker? I can’t find it in Windows store.

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