ChoreMonster Unlocks Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Characters

Remember when your kids were able to unlock exclusive content from Disney & Pixar’s summer blockbuster Inside Out? Well ChoreMonster is at it again – this time with dinosaurs!

ChoreMonster is excited to re-join forces with Disney & Pixar, this time with The Good Dinosaur, and provide more opportunities for your kids to engage in helpful, real-life activities while reaping the rewards of the animated world.

parents_thankscard-spendingtimeJust as ChoreMonster brings the fun of fantastical monsters to your kids’ screen, The Good Dinosaur takes us to a world where dinosaurs and humans live amongst one another. This awesome animated flick follows two unlikely friends that team up to conquer fear of the unknown as they travel through a harsh and mysterious landscape, learning valuable life lessons along the way.

Starting today, your kids will be able to unlock The Good Dinosaur characters, including Arlo, the young Apatosaurus, and Spot, the orphaned human boy, who become best pals in the movie.

Here at ChoreMonster, we’re all about teaching kids valuable lessons. That’s why we’ve taken the themes present in The Good Dinosaur and inserted them into the chores that unlock these exclusive features. And, each week your kids will have a chance to unlock new clips from the movie as well as additional characters. This allows you to easily connect with your children around the important life lessons present in the movie, and lets kids take what they’ve learned and act on it in real life.

To unlock these magical features the kiddos will need to complete a set of chores that tie back to kindness, journey and friendship. Themed chores include: rake the leaves (kindness), help your family for Thanksgiving (journey) and share what you are thankful for to a friend (friendship). Use your imagination and set some chores that work best for your kids.

In addition to having a chance to interact with The Good Dinosaur characters, we’re also excited to announce a brand new feature called the Thankful List just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The Thankful List allows kids to send their parents a visually illustrated message of what they are most thankful for. The messages will include your kid’s new best friends Arlo and Spot, who will demonstrate the Thanksgiving tidings on screen.

Celebrate the Thanksgiving season with a bit of family fun at the movies when The Good Dinosaur opens in 3D November 25. Head over to ChoreMonster to start assigning new chores today! Make sure to share all the great things your child has learned with our Good Dinosaur-themed chores with us on Twitter!


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