Celebrate Heroines With Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Next month, Disney and Lucasfilm will be releasing Star Wars Forces of Destiny on Disney’s YouTube channel. The video shorts will celebrate and follow the heroines from one of the brands’ most infamous franchises. To top it off, Hasbro is launching toys, books, bedding, and apparel to go along with the series. It’s all in preparation for this year’s December release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


“For many years, something that has been really important to Star Wars is these characters that little kids can grow up and recognize a little bit of themselves in.”


Hasbro’s toys will feature iconic Star Wars characters and a few cool sidekicks, like BB-8. With Wonder Woman’s success and the popularity of Rey following the most recent Star Wars film, little girls out there looking for action figures that look a bit more like them will now have plenty of toys to choose from.


And, there might be the opportunity to see the series on Disney Channel this Fall.

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