An Interview with DanTDM as YouTube Red Originals Launches DanTDM Creates a Big Scene

If you or your kids are into gaming then we’re pretty sure you know who DanTDM is. And, if you don’t know who he is, then you’ve probably never spent endless hours on YouTube, nor have you spent much time looking into Minecraft.

So, there’s this guy – Dan – who goes by The Diamond Minecraft, or DanTDM, and he has his own YouTube channel. Not just any YouTube channel though. DanTDM has over 14.6 million subscribers! He posts daily gaming videos, mostly of the Minecraft sort, but he’s also created this whole world around gaming with recurring characters and even some cameos from his adorable pugs, Ellie and Darcie.

What’s probably the coolest thing about DanTDM right now is that he’s on tour, traveling the country with his live show TDM On Tour. The live show gets the audience interacting with him and his favorite characters as they work their way through a background story and play some video games. It’s not just a show for viewing, there is a ton of audience interaction going on throughout the whole show. It’s really more of an experience.

But, wait! There’s something else.

Today, YouTube Red Originals is introducing DanTDM’s very own show. DanTDM Creates a Big Scene launches today with six full episodes that combine the live tour with the world of DanTDM. It follows Dan and his animated friends as they battle to keep their live show on the road. It takes viewers behind-the-scenes, shows each character learning new skills, overcoming challenges, and facing some pretty amazing things.

DanTDM says, “I combined my passion of the YouTube show with the live tour and have turned it into this really awesome show for fans.

Oh, and if you were wondering, FamilyTech got to sit down and talk with DanTDM just before the release of DanTDM Creates a Big Scene.

What was it like taking your characters out of the typical setting and creating this show?

Well, there are only two humans in the show. There’s Danielle [Tabor, from the likes of Harry Potter!], who plays Eve, the rest of the characters in the show are animated. We’ve been used to talking to a screen but it was different this time because the characters are in our world.

How different was that experience for you?

I had some experience from doing the videos. Trayaurus, doesn’t respond in real-time in videos so I’ve had the experience a bit before, but this is the first time I’ve had to physically act as well. I had a crash course in acting while filming. I was able to learn a lot from Danielle, but I definitely feel like I got a lot better through the process of recording the show.

How do you hope your fans will respond to DanTDM Creates a Big Scene?

I hope that everyone enjoys the show and that they learn a lot more about the characters that I’ve built up from the beginning of my YouTube channel. Like Trayaurus, I’m taking him out of the Minecraft world and giving him his own deep personality and a background story, but, also introducing new characters that I hope people will love. It’s a new style, mixing the real-world and the animated world together. It’s really unique and works really well, and I’m really excited to see people’s reactions to that.

Aside from simply releasing the YouTube Red Original, there’s some other pretty cool news surrounding this release. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, I really wanted to push for something that allowed as many people as possible to see this. It was important to me for everyone to be able to have a chance to consume some part of the show. So, the very first episode is completely free!

Now, you use the word consume. One of the things FamilyTech tries to address for our readers is how much technology should you be consuming. As someone whose career has taken off through YouTube and technology, and one where it is critical to use tech every day, how do you handle that?

I’m a strange example because my life is consumed by it and it’s my job, so I use it more than probably 99 percent of people. But, I’m using it in a way that doesn’t lock me in a room where I spend all my time with technology. Yes, there does need to be some sort of balance, but there is so much out there that allows me to get out into the world filming, interacting with fans on tour, and it’s not limiting. Technology is a part of everyday life.

As someone who’s made a career out of it, how can kids get started in something like what you’re doing? Do you have some advice to someone who might want to start their own YouTube channel?

Nowadays it’s great because anyone can just go for it. When I was younger I used to make silly videos with a camcorder and my brother, or a webcam. Back then to make stop motion it was more difficult. I just loved creating videos but the internet was very new and there wasn’t something like YouTube to share it. So, my advice would be to start as soon as you want to. Create what you like. You don’t have to share it but you can start creating with whatever you have. You don’t have to have the top of the line equipment. You just have to have the ideas and the want to make really awesome stuff. I guess my first piece of advice would be to just go for it and my second would be to have fun! Because that’s the most important thing.

Fans ready to watch DanTDM Creates a Big Scene can watch episodes with a YouTube Red subscription or pay per episode on Google Play if YouTube Red isn’t available.

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