Save time setting up your kids chores

Ernest Velope

We have a new feature to let you know about here on the blog today. It’s not groundbreaking but lots of you have asked for it and so we wanted to share the news. You can now add the same chore for all of your kids, at once, using the web version of ChoreMonster.

So if your kids all have to make their beds on a daily basis, when you set that up on the web while logged into your parent account you don’t have to add it separately for each child. Instead, just add the chore for one of them and then use the handy checkboxes like you see in the image below to copy it for your other kids.


We hope this helps you save a shred of your valuable time as you use our product. This is currently a web only feature but we hope to add it to our mobile versions in the future as well.


1 thought on “Save time setting up your kids chores”

  1. Awesome!! The multiple kid chore assignment is a great time saver!!! I really hope it comes to the iphone app it us s great addition!! Thanks

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