A Positive Solution For Single Parents and Blended Families

Here at FamilyTech, we pride ourselves on bringing sanity to families. This includes single families, blended families, and various co-parenting relationships, too.

A child’s well-being is a common worry for parents who are going through a divorce. Each stage of divorce, from separation to remarriage and blending two families, comes with its own set of challenges. Helping children cope during these stages can be difficult. Single parents might feel like they don’t have the necessary tools to guide their child through the various obstacles associated with divorce. And, when deciding to remarry, parents might want to establish positive habits for their new blended family.

Consistency is Key During Change

One way that our line of chore apps can help ease some of this worry is by providing stability during the tumultuous time of separation. FamilyTech’s flagship app, ChoreMonster, and our teen version, Landra, provide co-parents with a way to keep chores and rewards stable and similar in each household. We created Mothershp so parents can easily manage multiple children across both ChoreMonster and Landra and included a multi-parent feature to help each parent be on the same page regarding their children’s chores and rewards system. Children will feel confident knowing that no matter which parent’s house they are at, the chore expectations and rewards remain consistent.

Let Everyone Play a Role in the Process

Our chore apps also give a valuable opportunity to increase communication between each parent and their children. When first setting up ChoreMonster, Landra, and Mothershp we suggest getting everyone involved in deciding chores and rewards. Including children in the decision process helps them feel like they have control over a small part of their lives. This sense of control, however small, is increasingly important for a child whose parents are divorcing and who might feel like their whole life is changing. Because they were involved in setting up this new chore system they will also be more excited and interested in completing their chores to earn rewards.

Keep the Environment Light and Positive

ChoreMonster and Landra help make single parent’s lives easier by giving a tool that encourages positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement has been shown to work much better than negative reinforcement. It’s why we’ve chosen not to offer parents an opportunity to remove points from within the app. Our chore apps are not a form of discipline. Rather, they are a tool to create a more peaceful co-existence for parent and child. For a single parent who has to do most everything on their own, we hope our apps lend a much-needed helping (and positive) hand.

Happily Blend Newly Shared Homes

FamilyTech is also there when single parents decide to share their life with someone else again. Our newest app, HoneyDo, helps couples manage their responsibilities and set rewards like Me Time and date night. Arguments about chores tend to drive a wedge between couples that can lead to resentment. This resentment can be another item in a long list of reasons for a breakdown of a marriage. Single parents might be reluctant to share their home and life with another person for fear of falling into the same patterns. HoneyDo is a fun and positive way for couples to manage responsibilities among themselves. Showing their kids how important it is to work together to create a peaceful and happy home provides a stable and supportive foundation for a newly blended family.

FamilyTech is a solution for all family dynamics. Create stability for children during separation and divorce and help ease stress for single parents. And, create a peaceful foundation for blended families to start their new lives together.

Sara Woodard-Ortiz, owner of The HeartFull Journey, is an ally for heartbroken moms who are going through separation and divorce. Her goal is to help moms love themselves during and after divorce as a way to build a foundation to attract a new, satisfying relationship. Sara lives in Danville, IL with her daughter, Olivia, and their cats, Bianca and Katniss. When Sara is not working on her business, you can find her playing Minecraft or drinking coffee at a local cafè.

The FamilyTech suite of apps are designed to bring sanity to family and connect parents, kids, and couples in a way like never before. Download Mothershp, ChoreMonster, Landra, or HoneyDo to start seeing a happier family today!


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