A New Kind of Travel Experience With Airbnb

Traveling around the world learning about different cultures and communities is on many people’s bucket lists. For the chance to sightsee world-renowned cities, architecture, food, events, and one-of-a-kind stores at the expense of staying in someone else’s full or part-time residence, many travelers have jumped at the idea to stay somewhere that had the feeling of home. Others are still skeptical. Airbnb has created the ultimate traveling experience for some, while it still makes others cringe and wonder, just what is the appeal of someone else sleeping your bed?

Make Yourself Familiar

Airbnb is a marketplace community that connects people with rooms to share or homes to vacant when they need a place to stay. It is a way to provide travelers with a memorable, once in a lifetime experience. Their website starts off easy enough; Airbnb asks three different questions about a trip: where, when, and the number of guests. They have 191 countries to choose from that each has someone renting out their space on the site. Similarly to many destination hotels, it even offers experiences to be booked through the site. These can include anything from food and restaurants, art exhibits, cooking lessons, musical entertainment, and much more. They provide a one-stop shop for planning a unique vacation.

Choose Wisely

Airbnb provides entire homes, private rooms with sharing common spaces, or a shared room with others, similar to a hostel or dorm room. The types of spaces are numerous. One could choose to stay in a studio apartment or even a castle. When initially enter the number of guests, Airbnb intuitively matches guests with available spaces that fit their group. For instance, two adults may be given a choice of a staying in a one-bedroom apartment to share with other people whereas a family with an infant may be placed in a three bedroom home all to themselves.

Since Airbnb will only offer places to stay that are convenient for all members of the family, traveling with children is doable. Whereas before, families sometimes found themselves an inconvenience when ordering extra cots, pillows, blankets for a two-bed hotel room, or even adjoining rooms, now their space and its amenities are tailored to their larger group.

Airbnb Offers an Income Opportunity

Anyone can place their home up for rent on Airbnb. It allows hosts to only give as much of their space as they’re comfortable with too. Whether that’s their entire home when they’re away for a week-long business trip, or the spare bedroom on certain weekends because they’d like a little extra cash to pay their mortgage, it’s an option. Hosts can be as involved with their guest’s experience as they’d like. They can create a memorable vacation experience by sharing their knowledge and passion about the community they live in by taking their guests to do things only their city offers, or they can place a key outside the door and simply offer a greeting and a thank you when their guests depart.

Understand the Risks and Intricacies of a New Experience

The largest concern for both travelers and hosts is property damage and miscommunication. Airbnb covers that with the Host Guarantee. A common worry among travelers is cleanliness and whether the description of the property matches expectations. Communication is essential in this sort of situation. Unlike hotels with front desk personnel, the hosts for Airbnb may not respond once booking and payment are confirmed.

For world travelers, Airbnb can be an easy, inexpensive way to experience everything they’ve ever dreamed of. For a family, it might offer the space they desire. However, the tried and true of hotels just might be a better option for those not yet willing to jump on this kind of marketplace community.

Kimberly Lewis is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in education. She taught science at the Warren County Alternative School before choosing to continue her love of writing as a freelancer while at home raising her two children.

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