A Beginner’s Guide to FamilyTech Apps: Mothershp


We started with the idea of creating something easy for parents and kids to work together to get chores done around the house. ChoreMonster was the tool that connected family and technology in a way that was easy: create a digital chore chart, monitor progress, reward completion.

We watched as ChoreMonster began to evolve right in front of us and our users grow. ChoreMonster needed to grow right along with them. We started working on creating an option for teenagers and a place where parents could effectively monitor both age groups.


ChoreMonster as a company evolved into FamilyTech. As FamilyTech, our goal is to bring sanity to families and offer an effective form of communication between families through technology. To start, we needed a place for parents to call their own. It’s the epitome of digital chore charts. The hub of our chore apps is Mothership.

Whether you have kids in ChoreMonster (ages 4-12) or Landra (13+) you need Mothershp.

*The following screenshots are from iOS devices. While we did our best to make everything completely uniform, there are some minor differences between operating systems.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to your app store and download Mothershp, (available in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Kindle
  • Create a username and password.
  • Add your child(ren).
  • Add their daily, weekly, or monthly chore list.
  • Add rewards that can be redeemed for completing said chores.

Once inside take a look around. There are five different tabs to get acquainted with.


Begin with the Overview. This is where you can see it all. Your kids in Landra and ChoreMonster. Their total chores due for the day and how they’re doing in terms of completion. Take a look at the number of tickets they have, the amount of points they’re working with and even see a few suggested rewards from FamilyTech’s partners. Click your child’s account to change any of their personal information or to view their lifetime of ChoreMonster or Landra achievement.


Move into the Alerts tab where you can approve or deny the completion of chores. This is also the place where you can approve the rewards your child is requesting. Just tap the chore to select it and you’ll be prompted with what you’d like to do next.


Next, your kids’ list of Chores. The chores are filtered by child, frequency, due date and point value; or choose to filter this view however works best for you. Click on a chore to delete it, copy it and move it to another child’s account or skip it for the time being. Add chores from this tab (Here’s how!), give your kids Bonus Points for working so hard, or get new ideas for chores with help from FamilyTech’s scrolling images. It’s all customizable so play around with it. See what’s working, what isn’t and adjust accordingly.


The Rewards tab is pretty simple as well. Add Rewards from the top of the screen, filter by child or point value, then click on a particular reward to edit its requirements. (Need help adding a Reward? Click here!) There’s even a picture of your child with each reward so you know exactly who is capable of receiving which reward.


Finally, the Menu. Add kids or give bonus points underneath the “Your Kids” icon. Edit your info in “Your Info” – it’s our fancy Settings icon. Log out of your account, visit the kids version of the apps or head over to “Help Me!” You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. Some frequently asked questions, their answers and it’s even broken down into help for chores, rewards, children, points and tickets, or miscellaneous.

Our goal is to make your life, as a parent, easier. If there’s ever a question about how to use Mothershp or any of the other apps from FamilyTech, check out our other posts or shoot us a message. So, go ahead and get started with Mothershp today!

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