A Beginner’s Guide to FamilyTech Apps: Landra


We started with the idea of creating something easy for parents and kids to work together to get chores done around the house. ChoreMonster was the tool that connected family and technology in a way that was easy: create a digital chore chart, monitor progress, reward completion.

We watched as ChoreMonster began to evolve right in front of us and our users grow up. ChoreMonster needed to grow right along with them. We started working on creating an option for teenagers and a place for parents to effectively monitor all their kids.

ChoreMonster as a company evolved into FamilyTech. As FamilyTech, our goal is to bring sanity to families and offer an effective form of communication between families through technology. We know that teenagers live on their phones. As of November 2015, teens are spending nearly nine hours every day on their devices. Why not make some of that time productive time? So, we created something specifically for them to communicate with their parents and exchange information for independence: Landra.

Parents login through Mothershp and create their child’s account, or teens send their parents a message to let them know they’re interested in using Landra. Create a task list for teens and watch things get done.

*The following screenshots are from iOS devices. While we did our best to make everything completely uniform, there are some minor differences between operating systems.

Here’s how to get started:

  • If you’re a teen, download the Landra app and follow the prompts to send your parent a text to download Mothershp.
  • If you’re a parent, download Mothershp and create a new account or login using your ChoreMonster account.
  • Create a username and password to login.

Once inside take a look around. There are five different tabs to get acquainted with.


Do Things is the place to see chores suggested by parents, when the chore is expected to be done and how many points teens receive for doing them. Teens even have the freedom to suggest their own tasks so they feel a sense of control over their daily routine. Parents still approve these suggestions so it’s a collaborative effort.


Once teens are acquainted with their chore list they can view the Get Stuff tab to see what they’re working towards. FamilyTech encourages these rewards to be decided on together. Let your teens tell you what they want and decide together how many points are required to get that.

The Read Words tab is a compilation of every chore coming up and every reward available. Finally, teens have the opportunity to edit their personal information through the Your Info tab. They can add their picture, change their first name and password.


Our goal is to make parents lives easier, but also be a place to champion teenagers in their pursuit of independence. If there’s ever a question about how to use Landra or any of the other apps from FamilyTech, check out our other posts or shoot us a message. So, go ahead and get started with Landra today!

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