A Beginner’s Guide to FamilyTech Apps: ChoreMonster

We started with the idea of creating something easy for parents and kids to work together to get chores done around the house. ChoreMonster was the tool that connected family and technology in a way that was easy: create a digital chore chart, monitor progress, reward completion.


We watched as ChoreMonster began to evolve right in front of us and our users grow. ChoreMonster needed to grow right along with them. We started working on creating an option for teenagers and a place where parents could effectively monitor both age groups.


ChoreMonster as a company evolved into FamilyTech. As FamilyTech, our goal is to bring sanity to families and offer an effective form of communication between families through technology. To start, we needed a place for parents to call their own. It’s the epitome of digital chore charts. The hub of our chore apps is Mothershp. We also created something specifically for teens to communicate with their parents and exchange information for independence: Landra. While these two apps are new and exciting, it’s important that we recognize there are many new users of the suite of FamilyTech apps and even to ChoreMonster. Because of this, here’s a guide for beginners on how to use ChoreMonster.


ChoreMonster is an app for kids, ages 4-12. Parents need to create an account and login through Mothershp, and create their child’s account from there.


*The following screenshots are from iOS devices. While we did our best to make everything completely uniform, there are some minor differences between operating systems.


Here’s how to get started:

  • If you’re a kid, walk over to your parents and say something like, “Mom, Dad, I’d like to do some chores around the house.” They’ll listen. We promise.
  • If you’re a parent, listen to your kids!
  • Download the app or go here to create a username and password.
  • Then, create your child’s account.
  • Next, start creating a task list in Mothershp for your kid(s) to complete and watch as things get done. (Click here to get the run down on how to use Mothershp.)


It’s that simple. At least that’s how simple it can be. But for the details… once your child is in, take a look around. Show them how to use these screens.




Once you’ve created their list of chores to complete, they’ll be visible in the Chores area of the kids app. Kids can see the custom image associated with the chore, when they’re due, and how many points they’ll get for completing them. Once complete, they tap on the image and will be taken to a screen with a blue thumbs up (chore complete) or a red thumbs down (they didn’t do it). Parents receive a notification in Mothershp when kids do their chores.




The Rewards area is where your child views which rewards are unlocked and able to be redeemed. The app is intuitive and unlocks the chores only when there are enough points available in the bank. Kids will learn to save for what they really want or can use the points as they go.




For every chore completed, kids will receive one ticket to the ChoreMonster carnival. Here, kids can redeem those tickets for spins to try and win Monsters! These fun Monsters have names like: Lenny Citrus, Frank Rumpnoodle, Ernie Sunscreen, and Ned Meh. Or, these tickets can be used to watch fun videos from the ChoreMonster Theater. These quick, 30-second videos can be bought with one ticket or longer mini-movies can be added to kids’ collections for ten tickets.




The monsters menu is where kids can view all the monsters they currently have and all the monsters available to them. As they complete chores and earn tickets, they’ll be able to save those tickets to add to their monster collection.




A separate menu is available for all the messages between parents and kids. These monsters have a cute message that kids can send directly to the parent they interact with on the Mothershp account. Kids can send an “I love you,” “Thank you for giving me gifts,” and more!


Our goal is to make your life, as a parent, easier. If there’s ever a question about how to use ChoreMonster or any of the other apps from FamilyTech, check out our other posts on Landra and Mothershp or shoot us a message. So, go ahead and get started with ChoreMonster today!

The FamilyTech suite of apps are designed to bring sanity to family and connect parents, kids, and couples in a way like never before. Download Mothershp, ChoreMonster, Landra, or HoneyDo to start seeing a happier family today!


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