7 Podcasts For the Mom In Your Life

If you’re a Mom and haven’t yet discovered podcasts, this post is for you. Of course, if you’re not a mom but still love things mostly directed towards women, there’s a good chance you’ll also appreciate these recommendations. Of course, Moms come with all sorts of interests, and many with more than one, so check out our list below and see if one or more are the right fit for you or a Mom in your life.

For The Socially Conscious Mom

Stuff Mom Never Told You

For women, from every angle. It’s not just two women talking about their beliefs on issues, but their topics are rigorously researched and examples are provided (and cited) throughout. They decode biology, psychology, and sociology in the world we live in. The women use current examples of gender-related topics and tackle feminism, politically correctness, internet battles, and one episode in particular dives right into the term Social Justice Warrior.

For The Mom Who Loves a Good Cry

Dear Sugar

If the critically acclaimed book (or movie) Wild spoke to a woman you know, this podcast is for her. It’s hosted by author of Wild, Cheryl Strayed, and co-host Steve Almond. They answer questions from their listeners, take on dark, deep topics, and offer empathy towards situations that might be a breath of fresh air in a world so focused on being right. Some of the latest episodes include discussions about the difficulties surrounding the teenage years, what it’s like to be a parent feeling alienated by your own kids, and being pulled in two different directions by career and love.

For The Mom Who Loves Parenting and Celebrities


Two women who typically have two minutes on the Today Show have unlimited minutes on their own podcast. Spawned talks about parenting, but then understands that parents don’t always want to be reminded that they’re in charge of other people, so they venture off into other topics using common sense and humor.

For The Mom Who Loves To Get Real

Call Your Girlfriend

Women need to stick together, and the Call Your Girlfriend ladies are long-distance best friends who can’t help themselves. They are relatable, but they don’t mind pulling out their wit and intellect to put others (and each other) in their place. It’s exactly what you’d imagine from a best friend who you haven’t caught up with in awhile. Catch up on the latest gossip but then find yourself getting around to the latest in politics. It’s relevant, engaging, and inspiring.

For The Sarcastic Mom

Scummy Mummies

Perfect for the mom who can’t help but condescendingly describe her own version of motherhood. These two comedians promote their podcast as the show for less-than-perfect parents. Mothers all over can relate to each other’s stories, even if they haven’t happened to them in exactly the same way. It’s one of those things where you can imagine it all happening. It’s like watching the sitcom version of your life, only this time, you’re listening to it.

For The Hysterically Unafraid Mom

2 Dope Queens

Another laugh inducing almost-hour long show for women who can’t help but curse their way through life. Insert comedians, talk about sex, race, cornrows, a Jon Hamm sandwich, and you’ve got two women who are unapologetic about the crazy that today’s everyday life offers. Seriously, there is an interview with Jon Hamm himself. Who doesn’t love Don Draper?

For The Mom Who Loves Being a Mom

Coffee and Crumbs
If there’s a full blown Mom in your life, she’ll love this. With episodes like “The Magic of Motherhood” and “Before I Was a Mom” the hosts take women on a journey of motherhood that can only be described by those who have been or are currently there. They realize that this season of life is all about calm and chaos, snuggling and running down the wild ones. If Mom needs to feel connected with other moms who simply love who they are, this is for her.

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