7 Podcasts For the Dad In Your Life

Do you listen to podcasts? Are you a Dad? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, this post is for you. And of course, if you’re neither, there’s a good chance a Dad in your life might appreciate a podcast recommendation. Of course, Dads come with all sorts of interests, and many with more than one, so check out our list below and see if one or more are the right fit for you or a Dad in your life.

For The Sports Fan Dad

The Bill Simmons Podcast

You probably know Bill Simmons. He was a longtime ESPN podcaster and writer who started his own thing a little over a year ago. His podcasts are sports heavy, but he also takes the time to interview some interesting people as well like Kurt Russell, Chris Sacca, Chuck Klosterman, and Steve Ballmer.

For The History Buff Dad

Hardcore History

Is Dad into history? Always pulling out a random historical fact or has his nose buried in a biography? Well, Hardcore History might be for him. This podcast isn’t like the others, posting only a handful of new episodes per year. But, when a new one hits, it’s usually anywhere between 2 and 6 hours long and incredibly detailed.

For The Geeky Dad

Geek Dad

There are plenty of geeks that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s that are Dads now and still lean heavily into the interests of their youth. Geek Dad is a podcast for those guys. It talks about movies, music, tech, and lots more from a geeky perspective. Started as a blog in 2007, it’s grown to include the podcast, and the archives are full of great content.

For The Dad That Loves Music

Song Exploder

Maybe Dad has a huge vinyl collection, used to play in a band, or still noodles around with the guitar from time to time. Song Exploder should be on the short list for any music fan, in particular for those with a shorter attention span. Episodes rarely exceed 20 minutes and are focused on one song from one artist. The song is deconstructed through the interview with the musician and then finally played in full to end the episode. It’s a great one to spend hours digging through archives or for a quick hit on your morning commute.

For The Dad That Keeps A Close Eye On The News

The Daily

If Dad keeps a close eye on the news, or just likes to be updated on what is happening in the world, The Daily is an excellent choice. From The New York Times, this quick and well produced weekday podcast is ready and waiting for you early and throughout the week. It will give you what you need to know before tackling your workday.

For The Startup Dad

How I Built This

Dad may or may not be involved with, or care about startup companies, but if he is or just loves to hear about how businesses were built, this is a great listen. How I Built This is from the folks at NPR and is an interview show featuring business owners from all walks of life. The show has featured interview with the founders of Atari, Instagram, 5-Hour-Energy, and the Power Rangers.

For The Dad That Wants To Hear About Other Dads

Life Of Dad

Another interview show, Life Of Dad has a simple but great format that features famous Dads from around the globe. Athletes, musicians, business owners, and more talk about their kids, how they parent, and what it’s like to be a father.

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Joe Long