6 Ways Your Family Benefits from Technology

Don’t be fooled. Technology does benefit your family. Consider this:


Skill Development


Kids are getting a head start at school thanks to technology. Not only do apps and games teach basic skills like reading and math, they also teach high-level skills such as problem solving, strategy, and critical thinking, which are essential to academic success. Blogs, websites, and social media platforms can help kids develop social skills by allowing them to communicate with family and friends from all different backgrounds and cultures.


Games and apps are also helping with development. Video games require a great deal of manual dexterity and may help to increase hand/eye coordination. Plus, a number of apps and computer games are available to enhance reading and phonics skills or even help kids learn a second language. Now that’s something parents can feel really good about!


Expression and Creativity


Technology has opened up a whole new world to express and create. It allows for a true sense of freedom and empowerment. It’s not hard to find apps, toys, and programs that nurture our inherent need to express. Both kids and adults are able to vocalize opinions through blogs, or even let our inner Picasso shine through digital coloring books. There is no limit to what’s possible! The best part is – you can engage anytime, anywhere. As soon as the mood strikes, you’re able to express and create to your heart’s desire.




Technology is not just helping families build relationships – it’s helping to maintain them as well. Technology is making it easier than ever for families to stay in touch despite hectic schedules that involve work, errands, and extra-curricular activities. Parents and kids can easily check in with each other throughout the day. Parents also have peace of mind knowing where their kids are at all times, and that they can reach them quickly in the event of an emergency.


Many families also use technology to strengthen and maintain bonds with grandparents and other relatives who may live far away. Technology and social media can also be a channel for opening up a dialogue between parents and kids about events affecting our world.


Sense of Belonging


Research has proven that technology is helping individuals reach developmental milestones, like gaining a sense of belonging and sharing personal problems. Social media platforms and avenues like email and blogging are paving the way for meaningful communication and interaction. The use of hashtags, for example, can connect individuals from around the world. Advice and guidance on any subject is just a Google search away. A family’s constant connection to technology is not just convenient, it’s necessary.


Educational Possibilities


We’re lucky to live in an age where our families have access to vast amounts of information any time of day or night. Digital technology, virtual libraries, and various apps provide access to instant news alerts and other information 24/7.


As well, educational technology and e-learning are gaining popularity. Students are able to take courses online thanks to technology that allows them to upload homework and interact with fellow students and teachers through chat rooms and online forums. Online education has also made it very simple for students to receive personal attention from qualified teachers, and for parents to track academic progress of their children online. Parents are also benefiting from online learning that makes it easier for working adults to pursue college degrees.


The best part about owning fun gadgets and toys is that they offer an endless array of family entertainment options. Music, TV shows, movies, apps, and games are available at our fingertips through streaming services. The vast content selection can even help bridge generation gaps within families. Nothing beats family night at home with snacks and a great movie!


Diana Aquino is a Marketing and Project Management professional with extensive experience in mobile, app analytics, and marketing strategy. She’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping apps reach top ranks. You can reach her on Twitter, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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