6 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

Many families look forward to Spring Break for a quick family trip before the school year comes to an end. As many prepare for stay-cations, road trips, or international adventure, these apps and websites will help keep cash in everyone’s pockets.


HotelTonight is a website and app that offers last minute deals on hotel rooms. When hotels have extra rooms that need to be filled, they post their rooms on HotelTonight and offer low prices to meet full capacity. They also offer hotels locally or internationally; families will get a good night’s sleep wherever the trip ends.


No more over packing. Download this packing helper app to assure you have everything you need in any location around the world. This intelligent packing app will tell you what you need based on length of trip, activities planned, and weather at your destination. Just type in the location information and PackPoint will give you all the essentials for your trip.


Most people have already come to know and love this website for getting free or inexpensive food and local adventures. Search Groupon for cheap deals on restaurants, shops, hotels, and activities in any destination. Groupon searches areas based on your location, but you can look in other areas, to get the best deals.


This online travel agency bundles and saves on hotels and flights to anywhere. CheapAir offers the low prices for travel by searching local hotels and airlines for the best price. Leave on a weekday instead of the weekend for cheaper airline tickets and don’t book seats as a group. Search seats based on the individual for the lowest price. CheapAir will do the research for you, just type in travel information and book the best deals.


This mobile app uses wireless networking to enable smartphones to connect to Bluetooth and wifi without an internet connection to link with family and friends when in a dead spot of traveling. FireChat communicates pictures and messages between devices that are within 200 feet of each other. FireChat can be used on airplanes, crowded events, and on cruise ships.


Let the free Mint app be your personal financial advisor for any area in Canada and the United States. This app allows users to track bank accounts, credit card purchases, loan balances, and even investments. Mint allows you to create and set budgets and financial goals. This money-managing app was designed by the makers of TurboTax to keep you on track with any financial need. Stick to your spring break budget with the help of this app.

Saving money is a top priority on everyone’s vacation list. With the help of these apps and websites, saving money on Spring Break has never been easier.


Kimberly Lewis is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree in education. She taught science at the Warren County Alternative School before choosing to continue her love of writing as a freelancer while at home raising her two children.




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