6 Outdoor Smart Products You Need This Spring

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get outside. Your yard needs attention, and you might as well look for some smart options the next time you go shopping. Here are a few options to consider this year as you get ready for your next weekend full of yardwork.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

If you’re interested in the ability to control your sprinklers from your smartphone, you should consider the Rachio Smart Sprinkler System. The device is easy to install, lets you control everything

When you set up each sprinkler zone, Rachio asks you for important details about what is growing there, how much sunlight it receives, and even asks if it’s located on a slope in your yard. It takes this information along with local weather forecasts and adjusts accordingly to provide the right amount of water at the right time.

It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Husqvarna Automower

For a great robotic lawn mower to save you time and energy, look no further than Husqvarna’s line. Each one can maintain small to large lawns in any weather and can handle rough terrains and slopes up to 35%. When it meets an obstacle, it stops and redirects itself and is even equipped with an anti-theft system. Control the Automower using your smartphone and tell it what to do from anywhere in the world.

Craftsman Smart Lawn Mower

When it comes to Smart Lawn Mowers this spring, you have a handful of options. If a robotic mower like we just mentioned isn’t something you trust, and you still like to get out and mow yourself, but crave some extra “smart” technology at the same time, check out the Smart Mower from Craftsman. Enabled with Bluetooth technology, it provides alerts, tutorials, weather info and other up-to-date information about your mower’s key replaceable components to help you keep your mower running smoothly.

Edyn Wi-Fi Garden Sensor

If you have a green thumb, you need a Wi-Fi garden sensor. You insert it into your garden’s soil, and it sends you information about your plant’s moisture levels, nutrition levels, temperature, humidity, and ambient light. Use your smartphone to connect to Wi-Fi to check on your plants remotely. You can even discover new plants using the Edyn database of over 5,000 varieties.

Traeger Timberline Smart Grill

The most important tool in your yard might be your grill. And now that it’s warm enough to spend some time using it, you might as well spring for a great smart grill. This model form Traeger is a great option, combining a grill with a wood-fired oven, and a smoker. And best of all, it’s all Wi-Fi based to let you change the temps and timers from your smartphone. Available in two sizes offering up to 1,300 square inches of cooking surface and convection technology to cook food up to 20% faster.


You and the kids are in and out of the garage a lot more often during the warm weather months, and if you use a code for access, it can be easy to lose track of who has the code. And the kids will inevitably forget to close the garage door behind them…. alot. But with Garagieo, you can control the door from your living room, basement, or from anywhere you have an internet connection. Monitor the garage’s activity through the Garageio Dashboard and enjoy the piece of mind and security you’ve been missing.

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Joe Long