6 Of The Hottest Trends in Smart Home Technology

Imagine driving home from work knowing that the moment you get home the heat will be at the perfect temperature, the doors will unlock, the lights will go on, and the oven will preheat. While this may sound like an episode of the Jetsons than reality, it’s closer to the latter than you may think. Although smart home technology has yet to be perfected, it’s well on its way to providing a carefree at-home existence for homeowners everywhere. Soon, the touch of a button or sound of your voice will be able to activate every appliance in your home. Here are the hottest trends in smart home technology that will bring you one step closer to a life like George and Jane.

1) Smart Thermostats

Constantly adjusting a thermostat in attempts to reach the perfect temperature can be an impossible task. With a smart thermostat, this is no longer a problem. Smart thermostats automatically recognize preferences and schedules to maintain the perfect temperature in the home. When the house is empty these smart thermostats automatically lower the heat to save energy and money. Homeowners needn’t be intimidated by the advanced technology of these thermostats since many are easily accessible and adjusted through a smartphone.

2) Smart Sensors: Smoke & Water Monitor

Many homeowners are all too familiar with the irritating sound their smoke detector makes when it needs new batteries. Luckily, in addition to detecting smoke, carbon dioxide, and monitoring air quality, smart thermostats send smartphone notifications when problems arise, such as dying batteries. Perhaps even more impressive are smart water monitors that send notifications to a smartphone if a single drop of water is detected. Once the sensors are in place homeowners will be notified via smartphone of a leak prior to walking into a bathroom filled with water.

3) Smart Locks

Investing in smart locks means getting locked out will be a thing of the past. Keyless entry has surpassed simple keypads that can be easily compromised by burglars. New smart locks are highly sophisticated; some even have the capability to recognize the fingerprints and faces of your family. Even more impressive are smart locks that allow virtual key encryption so that homeowners can control who accesses their home and when. Providing keys to a cleaning service will no longer be a concern since smart locks can restrict access to the hours the service should be in your home.

4) Smart Security

Smart security systems provide sophisticated home security without the hassle of technicians invading your home to set up. Homeowners can monitor doors and windows easily by placing smart devices nearby to detect when they are opened or closed. Smartphones receive real-time feedback on security breaches, which means if an intruder does break into your home, authorities can be alerted right away. Some systems also include smartphone accessible video surveillance that can double as pet and child monitoring while you’re out of the home.

5) Smart Appliances

The following smart appliances can make everyday tasks effortless.

  • Coffee Machines: Smart coffee machines go beyond simply programming when it should be made in the morning. Now coffee machines can personalize coffee orders, remembering preferred strength, grind, and temperature.
  • Refrigerators: During peak times, such as after school or before dinner, smart refrigerators adjust the temperature to ensure food is always stored appropriately. Some refrigerators even send alerts to a smartphone if the door is left open.
  • Washers and Dryers: Not only are these customizable machines able to safely clean any type of fabric, but they can also adjust cycles to save energy. Smart washers and dryers can also send texts when they’ve completed their cycle, which means no more forgotten loads of laundry.

6) Smart Entertainment

Smart TVs have become the norm in some homes, providing the ability to surf the web from the comfort of your couch. For homeowners who have multiple smart appliances in the home, smart televisions can also act as the central hub for controlling it all. Combine this with smart speakers and lighting and your home can quickly become a better theater than the local cinema.

Smart home technology is constantly evolving, changing and will continue to do so well into the future. In years to come it’s likely that all aspects of the home will be able to internalize preferences and provide the perfect environment for homeowners without any effort on their behalf. The carefree lifestyle of the Jetsons is in fact within reach thanks to smart home technology.

Kali Muir is an ambitious freelance writer with a BA in Communications. She was born in Canada but has since lived in Norway, Denmark, and England. Her work experience is as diverse as her past addresses, including roles in technical communication, corporate communication, marketing, and article writing. She has experience working in varied business sectors: Oil & Gas, Engineering & Technology, Clothing & Equipment Retail, and Creative Writing. Follow Kali’s professional and personal journey at www.kalimuir.com, or connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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