6 Must Have Gadgets For Every Smart Bathroom

While there are plenty of fantastic innovations when it comes to a smart home, there aren’t many that are more indulgent than those found in the bathroom. Sure, self-cleaning ovens are great, an intuitive temperature setting device is incredible, but there’s nothing like spending a few hours alone in the bathroom. Ask any parent. What they wouldn’t give for some time alone to … use the facilities.


For anyone looking to pamper themselves (or guests) these are a must-have for the smart bathroom:


Toilet Seat Warmers


There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and sinking onto a cold porcelain toilet seat. Imagine heating up a toilet seat like you do the seat in your car. The Brondell L60-RW offers three adjustable settings so your tush will be warm, toasty, or downright hot. Then, just imagine walking back to bed without having to bend down to flush. Kohler makes that a possibility. Using the bathroom while sleeping walking has never been easier.


Mood Lighting


Mixing colored lights together in the bath or shower helps to soothe the mood is called chromatherapy. While you can pay for treatments over and over again, you can also add this to a home bathroom with HotelSpa’s LED lights. A little bit of research on which colors promote certain feelings of calm, happiness, and contentment can change a simple bath into a spa-like experience.

Musical Showerheads


It’s every karaoke lovers dream to have music right there in the shower. There have been a few innovations over the years, like waterproof radios that attach to the shower wall or hang from the showerhead, but nothing like what’s available now. H2oVibe gives the luxury of a rain shower head with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. It connects wirelessly and can even answer phone calls when connected to a smartphone. The speaker can be detached so you’ll never have to miss the ending of your favorite tune.


Digital Scales


The doctor’s office might still use old-school scales, but that doesn’t mean we have to. Yunmai offers a smart scale that measures more than weight. It’s capable of calculating BMI, body fat, muscle mass, and so much more. It connects to an app to get you into viewing progress through charts, and giving you the ability to share via social media. Its sleek design will make it a staple in the bathroom. No more hiding the scale under the sink, in the closet, or getting rid of it indefinitely.


Cyber Mirror


This one seems a little farfetched. But, it’s not just a concept, this thing is real. This is the mirror of the future. Everything is at your fingertips, including your reflection. Search the internet or watch YouTube videos through a built-in video player. No one will want to leave the bathroom with this in there. The Cybertecture Mirror is already a few years old and might be out of most of our price range, but it’s cool to dream.


Smart Bath Accessories


Even the smallest gadgets in the bathroom can be smart. Take the Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries for a test spin. Those pearly whites will shine like never before. Or, try the Philips Sonicare Airfloss to make one of the least favorite oral care activities a new favorite. And what modern man wouldn’t love a shaver that senses beard density? Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor does just that and even won a Men’s Health Grooming Award in 2014.

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