6 Family-Friendly Sci-fi Shows To Binge-Watch This Holiday Season

Aliens, robots, and holograms, oh my! Science fiction has been around nearly as long as television itself, which means the genre has had a long time to progress. Whether you are a fan of the classics, like The Jetsons and ALF, or the new age of Stranger Things, it’s easy to get your sci-fi fill on TV.


Since the holiday season typically includes some family down time, it’s the perfect time of year to binge watch some of your favorites. Here are just a few science fiction shows that the whole family can enjoy this holiday season.


The Jetsons


The Jetsons are a family who lives in a futuristic utopia filled with aliens, holograms, robots, and crazy technological inventions. Humorously, this 80s sitcom accurately predicted many of the technological advances of the twenty-first century. Sit back, relax, and see just how closely your family’s life mimics this once far-fetched futuristic reality.




This television series turns your living room into a laboratory as the hosts carry out elaborate experiments in attempts to disprove common myths and rumors. They even recreate popular movie scenes, internet videos, and news stories to test their validity. There are over 200 episodes to choose from so your family can pick whatever experiments interest them the most.


Miles From Tomorrowland


Miles and Loretta Callisto live with their parents, Phoebe and Leo, on the Stellosphere spaceship in this animated space adventure series. Phoebe and Leo work for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority with the goal of connecting the entire universe. Each episode takes you on an adventure as the Callisto family explores strange new worlds. This space series is sure to spark your children’s interest in the universe while emphasizing the importance of family bonds.




This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Originally airing in the 80s, this science fiction sitcom is based on an extraterrestrial named A.L.F. (Alien Life Form). After crashing his spacecraft into their garage, ALF is taken into the Tanner family home. As ALF works to rebuild his spacecraft, the Tanner’s help him hide from the Alien Task Force. The Tanner family finds ALF’s peculiarities amusing and soon grow to love him like one of their own in this family-friendly sitcom.


Phil Of The Future


When the Diffys left for vacation the year was 2121, but a malfunctioning time machine landed them in 2004. Humorously, traveling over a hundred years back in time isn’t the only peculiar thing about this family. With a part-robotic mother, a sister with an unusual vocal talent, and a father constantly fixing a broken down time machine, Phil struggles to be normal in a world he knows little about.


Stranger Things


This dark sci-fi can be a bit scary for younger kids, but can be an absolute favorite for families with teenagers. When a young boy disappears, his mom and friends will stop at nothing to find him. A show that starts out as a simple mystery quickly morphs into a twisted story about parallel universes and covert government operations. Both parents and teens alike will have a hard time prying their eyes away from this gripping sci-fi series.

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