5 Ways to Eat, Connect, and Be Thankful

There’s no reason to spend Thanksgiving doing everything the old fashioned way. Sure, it’s about spending time with family and friends. Enjoying each other’s company and celebrating all the things to be grateful for. But, it’s also the perfect opportunity to enlist some of the latest and greatest technology to help bring the family closer together.

Start right at your fingertips. The iPad a great tool for finding the perfect recipe for this year’s stuffing or trying something new for the dessert table. Pinterest is full of ideas for a family-friendly Thanksgiving; from a colorful turkey-themed veggie tray, to Reese’s Cup turkeys, and more. Kids will love scrolling through pages of pictures and recipes as they search for their favorite sweet treat. Make it easier to follow those delicious recipes with a Twelve South Compass 2 Stand that acts as an easel in landscape of portrait view. Don’t worry about getting that tablet dirty with cranberry sauce or losing it underneath all those ingredients.

Don’t let temperature trip you up. With the Range Smart Thermometer, those huge turkeys no longer pose a big problem for the novice cooks. It doesn’t have to be difficult to figure out whether the bird is cooked to the perfect temperature or still needs some time to marinate. The Range can safely be left in whatever is cooking or used intermittently to check progress. It speaks directly to the Range app on an iPhone or iPad – so, go ahead and set your iPad up on the stand and keep those delicious dishes moving knowing there’s a notification coming when the meat is fully done.

Don’t struggle to get the right measurement. The Taylor Digital Scale with Measuring Cup can make even the youngest cook a chef. Baking is a science, so it’s important to get those measurements down. Have fun with the kids and let them pour ingredients into and out of this digital helper. The ticks along the side show two cups, but the consistency is a little different with this mixture, now the handle takes over tracking weight to make sure it’s exactly two cups. There won’t be too squishy pumpkin pie or not enough fluff in the rolls this year.

While the food cooks, set the mood. Whether the family is one that loves to skip right to the carols, or they prefer a catchy Michael Buble tune playing softly in the background, the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker is small enough to be hidden or pretty enough to have out in plain sight. It comes in five eye-catching colors and boasts the best sound. It even has voice prompts to connect through Bluetooth, so pairing the speaker to whatever houses the playlist doesn’t have to be out as well.

Everyone has that one guest. You know, the one who doesn’t eat this or that. Maybe it’s an allergy, maybe it’s a personal choice, either way, the Substitutions app has it covered. There are over 1,300 substitutions that make it easy to tweak recipes and not skimp on flavor.

Connect this Thanksgiving and be thankful for all the ways technology can make the holiday easier!

Photo credit: djwtwo via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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