5 Valentines Day Crafts For Kids

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When you have kids who are in school, you know how important the annual Valentine’s Day party can be. The kids pick out a pack of cards, write down the names of their classmates and put them in the other kids Valentine’s Day boxes at school. And many schools ask the kids to make their boxes, which is another fun craft for your little ones. We looked around the web to some of the great parenting bloggers for some great craft ideas and wanted to share five our our favorites here today. Enjoy and good luck!

1. Recycled Crayons Valentines: What a great and creative way to make Valentine’s Day cards at home instead of spending on a box of cards that everyone has. Get the details on how to make these over at The Suburban Mom.

2. Disney Valentine‚Äôs Day Lollipop Labels: Our friends at Disney have plenty of great ideas for your Valentine’s Day and here is one of the best ones. Simple and certain to be a big hit, get the instructions right here.

3. Candy Robot Valentines: Let’s be honest, a BIG part of Valentine’s Day has to do with candy. Why not be creative with it? These candy robots are cute and tasty, and here’s how to make them.

4. Shaving Cream Valentine’s Cards: This will take a little extra time, and create a little more of a mess, but the payoff looks great. Unique, great looking cards are all yours if you follow these steps.

5. Recycled Seed Paper Heart Valentines: Another clever project for your kids that will yield beautiful results. Find out how to make theses great Valentines from JaMonkey.com.


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