5 Time-Saving Packing Apps for an Effortless Vacation

Packing an entire family for a vacation can be crazy and time-consuming. But, what if an app can turn that crazy into lazy? The following apps can help parents effortlessly plan and pack for the perfect vacation. Use these apps to get inspiration for the best outfit for each vacation activity and plan outfits for every day of the trip. With these apps, families can get packing under control and never forget essential items again.


Polyvore is a social media fashion app where users can search, shop, and get inspiration for outfits. It allows users to create outfits from multiple pieces across multiple retailers. Users can share their creations and purchase the entire outfit from their app. This makes shopping easier and faster and also gives fashion-conscious parents a source for inspiration. Polyvore is a wonderful app to help plan a new look for every day of vacation.


Another source for fashion inspiration is Netrobe. By taking pictures of each article of clothing, users can create a virtual catalog of everything in their wardrobe. Then, they can mix and match articles to plan outfits right down to the accessories. Netrobe also allows users to “hang” looks in their virtual wardrobe for inspiration. Like Polyvore, Netrobe is a great app to organize and plan outfits for a vacation (or if you’ve ever had dreams of having Cher Horowitz’s closet).

Packing Pro

With the PackingPro app, users can create a master list of everything they need to pack for a trip. The app comes with over 400 items to choose from, and users can add more items as needed. Each item can be sorted by family member and can also be filtered by Need to Buy and Bag, making it easy to see the status of any item. PackingPro also has a feature that automatically creates packing lists based on family members and the length of the vacation.


TripList has many of the same features as PackingPro, in which users can catalog items and build packing lists. TripList also comes with a built-in weather monitor that keeps track of the weather at the destination. Its Wizard Upgrade creates packing lists based on weather, destination, and the age of each family member. This app practically packs bags itself.


PackPoint can create lists based on weather and destination just like TripList. However, unlike the other packing apps, PackPoint is largely based around activities. Users can choose activities, and PackPoint will create packing lists based on those activities. So, whether families plan to hike or go to the beach, they are sure to have everything they need.

The other benefit of using a packing app to plan for a vacation is that the packing lists can be shared with each family member and any other fellow traveler. Parents will love this feature because it encourages family members, namely kids, to be responsible for their own packing. Parents can easily double check to make sure that everything on the child’s list is in the bag.

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed. Forgetting a key item at home tends to put a damper on a much-anticipated family vacation. With a little planning and these handy apps, parents can stop worrying about the contents of their luggage and focus on having an enjoyable trip with their family.


Sara Woodard-Ortiz, owner of The HeartFull Journey, is an ally for heartbroken moms who are going through separation and divorce. Her goal is to help moms love themselves during and after divorce as a way to build a foundation to attract a new, satisfying relationship. Sara lives in Danville, IL with her daughter, Olivia, and their cats, Bianca and Katniss. When Sara is not working on her business, you can find her playing Minecraft or drinking coffee at a local cafè.

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