5 Tech Products To Simplify Your Kid’s School Year

School is in full swing now for most, and if you’re having a little trouble easing into the transition, we have a few tech products to recommend that might help.

Witti Beddi Glow

This isn’t your average alarm clock. It wakes you up with sunlight-simulating light. It can also give you the scoop on traffic and weather as you get ready. Oh, and it charges your electronic devices while you sleep.

We all know that the key to a great school day for kids and parents includes waking up right. And it’s been proven that waking up naturally is a better choice. The Witti Beddi Glow wakes you up with sunlight-simulating light. It can also get your day started with weather or news updates. Perfect for parents and kids who want to wake up, but don’t love a jarring alarm clock.

MasterLock Bluetooth Padlock

If your child uses a locker at school, you know that having a good lock is important. You probably also know that teaching them how to memorize and use a lock can be tough. With this Bluetooth padlock from MasterLock, all your child needs to unlock is their smartphone. Find out more here.

EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 5K-L Lightning Power Bank

Need some power during the day? We all probably do, and our kids need their devices during the school day more than ever before. This Power Bank is slim and fits comfortably inside a notebook or binder and provides a boost for iPhones, iPods, or IPads. It’s also rubberized and durable and is available in three different models/battery capacity sizes – 5K, 5K-L, and the 10K.

GAOAG Anime Luminous Backpack

A very good idea for your tech-savvy middle schooler, this backpack has a cool logo that glows brightly on a dark school morning at the bus stop. It also has a laptop bag inside, a spot for iPods or smart phones, and a USB charging slot.

Tile Slim Trackers

Parents already know that upgrading to a new laptop, phone, or tech product isn’t cheap. And our kids, as much as we love them, have a hard time keeping track of these valuables. So why not provide an extra layer of security with GPS trackers like Tile Slim? As thin as two credit cards, you can attach a Tile to a smartphone, tablet, backpack, lunchbox or laptop. When it comes up missing, just use the smartphone app to track down your misplaced item.

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Joe Long