5 STEM Activities For Kids This Spring

Keeping in tune with the hottest topics in the news would mean that STEM has crossed your path more than a time or two lately. Instead of frantically searching the internet for things to do with kids this Spring, stop here and feel good about that fact that they’ll be learning, playing, and getting their hands dirty all at the same time with these STEM activities.

Create Crystal Bunnies

It’s inevitable that a bunny will make its way into Spring’s activities in one way or another. Add a little science to mother nature and the cute, cuddly creature by creating crystal with pipe cleaners, Borax, and boiling water. Creekside Learning obviously recommends some adult supervision considering there is boiling water and borax (think irritation) involved, but this science experiment teaches kids about the solubility of one substance in another.

STEM Challenge for St. Patty’s Day

STEM includes building and engineering, and this construction activity uses something as simple as pennies. Kids can use pennies to build a bridge to help the leprechaun find his pot of gold. They’ll learn critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem-solving with this challenge. Let kids try to beat their parents by building a bigger, better bridge even quicker.

Bring Nature Inside with Eggheads

This one is perfect for Spring. It includes eggs and growing plants, hello holiday and seasonal activities! These Eggheads from Nurture Store can grow grass or cress with a cleaned out egg shell, damp cotton wool, seeds, and sun. Throw them in a window and watch them grow. They’ll keep growing, so kids can cut their eggheads hair into a style all their own.

Preschoolers Can Learn STEM Too

The people over at Left Brain Craft Brain have done it again. Whether kids know what STEM or STEAM even is they can start developing the skills at a young age. This roundup of Spring related STEAM activities for preschoolers will get kids learning about gardening, weather, and so much more with peeps, eggs, birds, butterflies, rainbows, and clouds (the list could seriously go on and on).

Math Egguations (Get it?)

Math can be fun! With an egg carton, a permanent marker, and plastic eggs, kids can learn math skills through this fun equation completion game. This one takes a little knowledge from parents, and also knowing what math level kids are reaching in school. Create challenging equations and easier ones to solidify math skills.

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