5 Perfect Board Games For Your Next Family Game Night

What’s your favorite family board game?

Whether it’s too hot to go outside or raining cats and dogs, board games are perfect for family entertainment. Aside from the laugh-out-loud fun that many of these games entail, board games can also promote learning and develop important life skills like problem-solving, sportsmanship, and the ability to laugh at oneself. Pick up a few of these family-friendly board games for the next rainy day or for when your children inevitably mutter those infamous summer words: I’m bored!

Monopoly Nintendo Edition

Monopoly has a history of boring some players to tears while sparking intense rivalries between others. Children, in particular, often have a hard time getting excited about a game that involves paying rent and buying houses (and who could blame them?). Fortunately, Monopoly has partnered with Nintendo to release a new Gamer Edition in hopes of reinvigorating the board game for the modern family.

The new edition features popular Nintendo characters like Mario, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. And, rather than focusing solely on buying property, the new edition allows players to complete levels and collect coins as if they were playing an actual video game. This version is the perfect way to introduce video-gamers to the exciting realm of real-life board games.

Pie Face

What Pie Face lacks in strategy, it certainly makes up for in laugh-out-loud fun. This simple game requires family members to compete against one another to avoid getting a face full of whipped cream! Nearly anyone can play this game as all it requires is a quick hand and a sense of humor. Bonus points for parents who film reactions!

Silly Street

This game brings out the silly side in everyone. It gets everyone on their feet as they complete funny tasks to progress down Silly Street. Between the fish kisses, kangaroo karate chops, and other silly tasks the whole family will have a hard time keeping a straight face through this one.


This dark and twisty board game is perfect for stormy summer nights. While the premise may be a bit too scary for children under eight, older kids will have a blast playing detective and solving their own personal mystery. Was it Green in the library with a candlestick? Or Plum with the wrench in the garden? Only the best detectives will be able to find out as they uncover different clues and reveal the identity of the secret villain.

Game of Life Junior

A revamped edition of the traditional board game, Life is now a bit more appealing and fun for children. Rather than following a player’s entire life (which is a bit exhaustive for most), the new version focuses on one action-packed day. Players can also choose to be singers or video game designers rather than the typical accountants or doctors. It’s more fun and fast-paced than versions of the past, allowing parents and kids to connect over of their favorite childhood games.

While it’s no secret that everyone enjoys a good family movie night, some of the best memories happen when a family is gathered around a table, playing a silly game. Why not give the Wi-Fi a little break and give one of these board games a try?



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