5 New Chore Ideas For January

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It’s the first month of the year, and chances are, you and your family are getting into the swing of things again. School is in session, the weather is probably cold, and the days are short. You and your family is probably spending more time indoors than you would during other months, so here are some indoor chore ideas for your kids in case you are having trouble knowing where to start.

As always, keep them age appropriate.

Clean steps and baseboards: These are two areas that can be easily neglected, and during winter months can take a beating. Younger kids can grab some warm soapy water and clean the baseboards, and the steps could use the same treatment, or a vacuum if they are carpeted.

Organize the basement / storage space: With all of the extra stuff that may have entered your home during Christmas, you may have been reminded about your storage space or catch-all area of the house. Maybe it’s a basement or attic, but regardless of its location, it probably needs some attention.

Room clean / get rid of stuff you don’t need: We talked about this in some more detail here last week, so if you read that and are ready to take some action, it’s as good a time as any.

Clean up your gaming area: Here at ChoreMonster, we have a really high value for games, and we are guessing that lots of your homes have areas dedicated to video games. It might seem simple, but kids can forget to put games back in their cases, put away controllers and even turn off the TV on a regular basis. Organizing this area and remembering to close it down properly can be great additions to your chore list.

Silverware drawer clean/ organize: Speaking of areas of neglect, how often do you clean out your silverware drawer? Be honest. It’s really important considering we put those items in our mouths and cook with them on a daily basis, but actually keep the drawer clean might not be top of mind. A great task for your kids that is also a break from the typical chores this winter.


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  1. Great idea about the silverware drawer as I just notice end the other day that it needs attention. Another chore I need to do is the plastic container cabinet and lid drawer which my guys can probably do. My guess is the will end up with lots of Frisbee lids!

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