5 Ideas For a Smart Home Renovation

There are certain times throughout the year that people start to consider renovations to their home. While summer is prime buying and selling time, it’s also the perfect time to upgrade for future sales. If selling is in your near future, consider adding some smart home technology. A recent survey found that a quarter of millennial home buyers consider smart home features very important to their search for a new home. And, they’re willing to pay for them!

Leviton Smart Switch Lighting

This lighting dimmer is perfect for the hands-free home. It works directly with Google Assistant or Alexa and works through voice command. The Leviton Smart Switch Lighting app can help homeowners automate their light schedule; so, dim those lights in the morning for an easy wake-up call, or watch them gradually get brighter as the evening wears on and the whole family is around to hang out with.

GE Connected Refrigerators With Wifi

GE Appliances offers some of the best options in connected refrigerators. With the GE Kitchen App, you can receive alerts if the temperature is too hot or cold, the door is open, or the water filter needs a replacement. What’s even better, their fridges can get that morning cup of coffee ready to go before you ever head downstairs for those few quiet moments before the rest of the house wakes up.

Kohler Water-Saving Toilet

While having kids is one of the most joyous parts of life, it can be frustrating to watch them learn to use the toilet properly. Flushing a toilet is the kind of game you never imagined could take up so much of their time! But, it also means you’ll be wasting a lot of water and watching that bill climb every month. Save money and the planet by reducing usage by 20 to 70 percent with some of Kohler’s water-saving toilet options.

LiveWatch Alarm System

Did you know that 34 percent of burglars enter the home through the front door? And, the first place they’re going to look for something to take is in the master bedroom. Keep the family jewels safe with a LiveWatch alarm system that provides 24-hour protection, is controlled directly from your smartphone, and sends alerts via the app.

Schlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt

If a smart alarm system is in your future, it might be worth considering something that pairs great with a smart deadbolt. The Schlage Sense deadbolt is best for multiple users, so Mom and Dad can rest assured that the kids can get in no matter the time of day – even if they’ve missed curfew!

What is your favorite smart home feature?

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