5 Holiday Season Chore Ideas For Your Kids

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Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean that chores should stop. After all, in most homes the holidays mean even more work for parents, and so it makes sense to let your kids share the load a little bit during this hectic time. Here are a few chore ideas if you’re having a hard time keeping things interesting and could use a little assistance. Some of these are specific to the holiday season, while others have relevance all winter long. As always, keep them age-appropriate.

– Snow Related Chores: This one is the most obvious of the bunch, but is still very important if the white stuff hits your neck of the woods. Before (or after?) your kids run out to play in the snow, make sure they tackle a few tasks to make your home function better as well. Depending on their age and ability, the kids can earn points by shoveling snow, scraping car windows, or putting down rock salt on the walkway or driveway.

– Organize Winter Clothing: Some homes have a space designated for winter clothing like gloves, hats, and winter boots. And if your home is anything like mine, it gets really unorganized and messy really fast. This might be a weekly chore that one of the kids can own, or it might be needed even more often depending on what is getting tracked inside.

– Christmas Decorations: I think we can mostly agree that putting up Christmas decorations can be a fun event or even a great time to be together as a family. But when it comes to taking them down, it’s a lot tougher to find a willing participant. So this year, when it’s time to take down the decor, assign some tasks to the kids and give them a chance to earn some ChoreMonster points.

– Thank You Cards: Speaking of post-Christmas tasks, making Thank You cards for all the friends and relatives that gifted your family is a great habit to be in. It reminds your kids how important giving truly is and even more about being thankful for that new pile of stuff they now possess. I have no issue if you file this under “you don’t get points for this”, but it can also be motivating if there is something attached.

– Clean Out Closets: During the cold months, when it might even be too chilly to go outside, take a look inside the closet and make a pile of stuff that you and your kids are willing to part with. You can give to Goodwill or a church clothing drive as long as the stuff isn’t wrecked. With an influx of new stuff coming in at Christmas, it’s a great time to purge the neglected stuff.

What are some other wintertime / holiday chores that you guys assign this time of year?


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