5 Great Snow Day Activities For Kids

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You know how it goes, the kids have a long weekend or a holiday break from school and suddenly it’s followed up with a snow day. The schools are closed and your routine is thrown off, so what can you do to keep your kids occupied? It turns out, there are tons of suggestions out there, and of course it would be pretty easy for us to recommend you start making ChoreMonster a habit on your snow day, but we won’t use this space for that recommendation today. Instead, here are five suggestions for you and your kids on their day, or days (if you’re on the east coast right now,) off of school.

And because it’s usually obvious, we will leave out playing in the snow, because, you know, it’s obvious.

Cook and bake with your kids We have talked a couple times now about getting your kids involved in the kitchen, it’s something that can be really great with the right instruction and in this case can kill some time while the snow falls outside.

Christmas Thank You Cards – I know, you mean to do this every year and forget. Well, it’s as good a time as any to give your kids a list of relatives who got them presents and have them make nice ‘thank you’ cards. It will kill time and also remind them to be thankful for all the stuff they are already beginning to forget about.

Make Snow Ice Cream – This is really fun, and here is the recipe. Scoop up snow in waffle cones or cups.

1/2 cups half & half or whole milk
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
4 cups of clean snow or shaved ice

Thanks to HerViewFromHome.com for the tip.

Board Games – Charge the electronic devices for a while and dust off some board games. These time wasters were all we had growing up and there is still plenty of fun locked within their cardboard boxes. Have your kids play their favorite game or introduce them to one of your favorites from childhood.

Movie double feature – With your normal routine thrown for a loop, you still need to get things done in the house, preferably without the kids hanging on you, so why not get the excited for a movie double feature? It can be a film with a sequel, like Star Wars, Harry Potter or The Karate Kid. Tell the kids you are showing one film in the morning and one after lunch to build a little excitement. And while they are glaring into the tube with their tiny mouths open, you can sneak away and be productive for a little while.


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