5 Great Family Night At Home Ideas

As we step into Fall, we thought it would be a good time to think about some new family night ideas. But family night can get expensive fast, especially with households of 5 or more. So how about some ideas that are plenty of fun, but don’t require you to leave the house and spend any extra cash?

We have five ideas for you here, so whether you have a regular family night or have just been meaning to have one for a long time, here are some new ideas to consider.

LEGO Night – If you have LEGO fans in your house, you probably have bins full of loose bricks that the kids dig into from time to time. For your next family night dump the bins in the living room and let everyone go to town creating and building. You’d be surprised how much time will pass and how fun it can be. To finish out the night, you can even take in a viewing of the LEGO Movie to cap off your evening.

Memories Night – It’s easy to forget that there are plenty of good things to do as a family right under your nose. So dust off those photo albums and home movies and plan to go through them together. After all, it’s not like you can share them with others that same way you can with the people featured.

Camp Out (or in) – Hopefully Fall is a season for you that where the weather is still good enough for camping. This can provide you with a fun opportunity for your family to camp out in the front or back yard. Make an evening of the event with special snacks and maybe a viewing of a movie on an IPad in the tent before bed. And if going outside is too adventurous (or cold), then just let the kids make a fort in the living room or basement.

Theme Nights – Sometimes, all you need to make a fun family night is a theme. Choose your theme and take it as far as you want. From dinner menus to movies to games, you’ll find that there is a ton of fun to be had.

Competitions – Some healthy competition can add an awesome element to your family night. Just pick a couple of games and build a tournament-style bracket for family members to compete. You can do this with Ping-pong, video games, or just about anything. Put a couple of prizes out there for the winners to keep them interested, and log the results to get the crew excited for the next competition.


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Joe Long