5 Family-Friendly Movies Perfect for Valentine’s Day 

Grocery stores are packed to the brim with candy assortments and flower arrangements in preparation for Valentine’s Day. If you need a new way to celebrate the special day with your family, look no further! Grab some sweets, get on the couch, and enjoy these V-day movies with the whole family.   

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

This 1975 classic makes Valentine’s Day disappointments feel uplifting and humorous. See how Charlie Brown navigates the frustrations of first-time crushes while the gang faces the Valentine’s Day card exchange and unreciprocated gifts. NR, but appropriate for children three and older.

Gnomeo and Juliet

Based on the classic and tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, this animated film takes on a much lighter interpretation. Your favorite characters from the classic film, like the Montague and Capulet families take the form of gnomes in this comedic rendition. Watch as Gnomeo and Juliet fight for love as they realize they come from different gardens.  A bit violent, but definitely light-hearted, this G-rated film is appropriate for children ages six and above.


Filled with talking animals, singing donkeys, and an entrapped princess, this film will keep your whole family laughing. Watch as Shrek, the town’s feared ogre, saves the princess from a fire-breathing dragon and finds love along the way.  Watch out for some adult humor and adult themes, which most children won’t notice. Shrek, rated PG, is family-friendly, but is only recommended for children seven and older.

The Wedding Singer

A classic Adam Sandler movie, The Wedding Singer follows Robbie Hart, a wedding singer from New Jersey, and his quest for love. The smooth singer and songwriter works to win over the love of his friend Julia, whose wedding he’s been hired to sing. Some mild profanity and adult themes take place throughout the movie. However, if you are watching with teens, ages 13 and above, this movie is a good choice.


What’s Valentine’s Day without this ultimate 1942 romantic classic? Perfect to watch with teens, this love story follows Rick, a nightclub owner who finds himself in a compromising situation when he’s asked to hide secret transit letters during WWII. Things heat up when Ilsa, Rick’s unrequited love shows up with a highly wanted Czech resistance leader. Full of history and romance, watch this with your children who are 11 are older.

Whichever movie you decide on, have a Happy Valentine’s Day with your family!

Erin Navaro, an Ohio native, is a young professional who works with older adults, supporting them in every stage of their care. Curious about the world, Erin has lived and worked in Tanzania and India, finding inspiration from the people and cultures that have hosted her along the way. To see what’s next, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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