5 Family Friendly GPS Tracking Devices

As autumn continues and Halloween approaches, many children and their families are preparing spooky costumes, buying candy for trick-or-treaters, and making plans for the big day. Whether it’s going out with a group of friends, or tagging along with another family, it can be difficult for parents not to worry about their children, especially when they aren’t with them. When children begin to push boundaries and seek more independence, keeping them safe is always a priority.

Many parents choose to use tracking devices with their children in order to give them the independence they want while keeping track of them in a less intrusive way. Whether it’s trick-or-treating or going to a friend’s house after school, these tracking devices keep kids happy and parents at peace. Consider trying some of these devices with your family.

AmbyGear Smart Watch

Designed specifically for young children, AmbyGear smartwatches operate on a reward-based system. Parents alongside their children have the ability to set task-based goals which are rewarded upon completion. More than just a tracking device, children can use their smartwatch to communicate with parents using the no-type messaging system that comes with pre-configured messages. In addition, parents have the option of setting safe zones and are alerted when children leave those designated spaces.

Spark Nano

Perfect for pre-teens and children who are starting to gain more independence, Spark Nano allows parents to see their child’s location at all times. Compact in size and easy to carry, Spark Nano can be placed in a backpack, pocket, or purse. Spark Nano’s simple and user-friendly design helps parents know where their children are with one simple click.


Sleek in design, these three-in-one bracelets enable children to make and receive calls using a one-button push system. Using the app, parents can store up to 12 contacts in their child’s device and access their children’s location from the GPS map. In addition to the GPS tracker and phone capabilities, these bracelets also tell time with a push of a button.

Trackport 2.0

This tracking device is purposely for vehicles and is perfect for teens who drive. Trackport 2.0 allows its users to track a vehicle’s location, driving speed and enables parents to be alerted when their child arrives or departs from specific, pre-programmed locations. Along with its features, this tracking device can be used as a conversation starter with your child about safe driving practices.

Amber Alert GPS Locator

Similar to the Spark Nano, the Amber Alert GPS must be carried by its user. However, this device has a two-way calling system that can dial pre-programmed emergency contacts. Parents can install safe zones within this device and are alerted when the zones are entered or exited. Perfect for young children and preteens, the Amber Alert sends out timed notifications to parents, giving them peace of mind at all times.

Giving children more independence can be difficult. But, being mindful of their safety makes it easier. When it comes to safety and independence, what works for your family?

Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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