5 Fall Chore Ideas For Your Kids

Fall is finally here. And we thought it would be helpful to list some Fall related chores to add to ChoreMonster for your little monsters. A list like this can be useful for you if you’re looking to mix things up and stay fresh with your chore routines, and sometimes it can even remind you that these tasks need to be completed.

Here are five fall chores to remember this season.

1.Rake The Leaves

It’s the most obvious chore, but it needs regular attention if you live in an area with mature trees. One day you’ll wake up and see a few leaves on the ground, and then you’ll blink, and they’ll be past your ankles.

2.Patio / Deck furniture chores

If you have bigger kids, they can help store the outdoor furniture you keep indoors during the colder months. If you have smaller kids, they can help clean the patio or deck after the furniture is removed.

3.Gutter cleaning help

No, I don’t expect you to put your kid on a ladder to clean out the gutters, although that would rule. Instead, bring along a little one as an assistant and hit them up with some ChoreMonster points as a reward.

4.Garage cleaning

Cleaning the garage is vital in the spring as well, but you might as well take advantage of the temperatures before they go south for the winter. Get your kids out in the garage to organize and clean before it’s too cold.

5.Garden Chores

If you keep a garden, it’s about time to clean it out so it’s not a total mess next Spring. Another great chore for your kid to be a great assistant. It’s also a good idea to drain and store your garden hoses.


What other fall-related chores do you have in mind to tackle this season?



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