5 Cheap Family Night Ideas

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Do you have a Family Night in your home? If so, how often do you have it? Is it planned out or spontaneous? Every family is different and prioritizes this differently based on how busy they already are, ages of the kids, stage of life, and many other things.

So regardless of where you are in life, taking the time to have a night where the family is together is a great thing. It can be as interactive as you choose, but just spending intentional time together is something you’ll rarely regret. A BIG obstacle to family, even happening can be money, as most of us tighten things up after the holidays quite a bit. Well, not every family event needs to be expensive, and here are a few examples that you should be able to afford.

Board Game Night: Dust off the board games that may have gone by the wayside as IPads and video games have taken over and let them take center stage again. This is how we did it growing up, remind yourself and your kids how much fun board games can be.

Cost: Free

Movie Night: I’ll file this under lazy family nights, but it can still be great. You never know when a film might help spark conversation with the kids later on or give adults a view into the world that your kids are so into.

Cost: 2-6$ for a rental, free if you already own a copy or check one out at the library.

Video / Photo Night: When the kids are older, you will wish you took more pictures and video of them, so why not schedule a night for just that? Have them dress up, put on a dance show or just be silly. You’d be surprised how much fun it can be and how crazy your kids are.

Cost: Free

Memory Night: This can tie in with the last suggestion, in that you can pull out the old videos, pictures or recordings from when the kids were younger and have fun talking, laughing and sharing memories.

Cost: Free.

Cook Dinner Together: Even if you have a large family, everyone pitching in for a special meal can really be fun. It’s great to work together on a project and learn together at the same time. And of course, the results can be quite tasty.

Cost: Minimal compared to eating out.


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