5 Cheap Family Night Ideas For March

Photo credit: Jim Bauer / Foter / CC BY-ND

Back in January we gave you a handful of family night ideas that you could pull off on the cheap. This month, we have some brand new ideas that we hope you like.

Family Pre-Vacation Night: If you have a vacation planned, this night can be an evening where you look forward to your trip. Talk about what you want to do, theme dinner to match with your destination, or see how much money is in the vacation jar. What? Don’t have a vacation jar? Well, maybe this family night can be reserved for decorating a jar and talking about a fun vacation you’d like to go on. Either way it’s a great excuse to spend time together cheaply.

Backyard Cookout & Camping: As the weather begins to warm up, the grill and outdoors are a great option for family fun. Put some hot dogs and burgers on the grill and then let Dad, Mom and the kids have a fun overnight in the backyard camping. Your kids might even be old enough for a campout by themselves.

Video Game Night: We talked about a board game night last time we gave you some ideas, so this time plug in and get the family together for some video games. Take turns playing and if you have a bigger family maybe a secondary IPad station would keep those not playing engaged. Either way find some games the whole family can enjoy and have some fun.

Kids Put On A Play: Let the kids dress up and put on a play for the adults. They can even sell tickets and set up for the play in the basement or living room. It’s a great way for them to show their creative side and for you to show some appreciation.

Read To The Family: It might sound silly but why not take a classic book, put away your mobile devices, and let Mom or Dad read to everyone for 20-30 minutes (or smaller intervals for smaller children) and have a great snack handy for everyone listening. Great for a low key family night.


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